Devin Chawda: Y-Cam Solutions

The innovative Wi-Fi enabled cameras allowing customers affordable home security and baby monitoring

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Devin Chawda, 34
Company: Y-Cam Solutions Ltd

Currently the only product of its kind on the market, Y-Cam Solutions’ range of cameras connect to Wi-Fi and store recorded video clips free on the user’s cloud account, for viewing on a smartphone, PC or tablet; essentially acting as a mobile CCTV system without the associated steep installation and maintenance costs. Many of the products’ consumers are parents, who use the devices to check on their children’s safety and monitor their activities. To capitalise on this ripe market, Y-Cam has created a specific high-tech baby monitor range ‘BabyPing’, alongside its original ‘Y-Cam’ and ‘HomeMonitor’ offerings. Available worldwide, current clients include Vodafone in the UK and Metrol in France and the brand has a growing presence in the USA with the product now sold in supermarket giants Walmart and Best Buy.

Having recently won a Macworld Award for product innovation, as well as picking up a LoveParent award, Y-Cam’s unique offering is certainly gaining traction. Its already impressive £2.5m turnover is on target to double this year, and the business has plans for further expansion into the lucrative US market.

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