Dominic Joseph and Adam Ludwin: Captify

Advertising technology leading the market in ‘search retargeting’ techniques

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Dominic Joseph and Adam Ludwin, 28 and 26
Company: Captify

Founded in 2011, Captify Media is the first and only advertising company in Europe to specialise in ‘search retargeting’ techniques, whereby relevant advertisements are displayed to users based on their recent searches on Google, Yahoo! or Bing. The founders claim this produces much more targeted and effective results than traditional webpage banner advertising and this is a belief evidently shared by Captify’s list of illustrious clients; customers have included American Express, British Airways, Vodafone and Sky to name just a few. Captify’s unique proposition has seen it grow at a rapid pace, generating multi million pound revenues in less than two years, and more than doubling its turnover year on year. In this time the Captify team has swelled to well in excess of 35. The young company’s rise to prominence as a web advertising pioneer has not gone unnoticed by investors; in July equity investor Panoramic put £1.2m of growth capital into Captify, which will be used to open overseas offices later this year with more planned for 2014. 

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