Five to watch: Hamish Grierson, Tom Livesey and Eliot Brooks, Thriva

Building what is thought to be the world’s first preventative healthcare service

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Hamish Grierson, Tom Livesey and Eliot Brooks, 32, 28 & 26
Company: Thriva

Thriva believes the world would be a better place if “everyone was blissfully informed about their health” – and the answers are in our blood.

The London-based company is a developer and supplier of self-service subscription blood tests. All the client has to do is create an account with some basic information and order their test online to receive the test though the post the next working day. After using the finger-prick blood test they return it to Thriva’s partner labs in a freepost envelope to have it analysed and sent to a qualified GP for review.

Finally, they get a detailed heath report, explaining what the results mean and what they can do to improve, which they can review on a secure dashboard at any time. Since completing a £1.5m seed funding round in January 2017, Thriva has expanded its range of tests and launched a product to streamline blood testing for specialists. Thriva is also about to launch a new range of subscription packages designed to help clients track health risks.

The company was founded by inspiring entrepreneurs Hamish Grierson, Tom Livesey & Eliot Brooks after discussions with Brooks – who has hereditary high cholesterol and had to sometimes take the whole morning off to get a blood test – about how outdated and “anti-customer” the whole process felt.

Just over a year since launch and Thriva has landed over 10,000 customers and is achieving 40% month-on-month growth.

Democratising access to personal health information and helping people make life-enhancing decisions about their wellbeing, Thriva is a start-up that’s going to be in robust health for years to come – worthy of a spot in our ‘Five to Watch’.

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