Five to watch: Madeline Parra and John Talbott, Twizoo

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Madeline Parra and John Talbott, 30 & 35
Company: Twizoo

When customer’s love your brand, product and services, they shout about it on social media.

This simple truth forms the basis for Twizoo’s powerful and compelling concept: a social content platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to discover and display the most engaging social media content across your site.

Thanks to its patent-pending AI, Twizoo’s Social Content Platform uses unique page information to gather and display user generated content (UGC) that will resonate most with a company’s audience to encourage conversions; giving them relatable experiences from real people. The company is so confident about its product that it proudly challenges anyone to override it in real-time “if you think you’re smarter”. And, because it’s automated, users don’t have to rely on time-consuming keyword set-ups or “human minions” to curate content.

Brands can also access premium displays, enabling them to embed high-quality social content with customisable design options to match their guidelines whether on desktop, tablet or mobile.

The company claims that using visual UGC instead of professional shots can increase conversion by 25%, while e-commerce pages containing UGC result in a 32% increase in net promoter score and users spend up to 90% more time on a site that contains a UGC gallery.

Prospective customers can try a demo of the platform now, granting them free access to its premium pilot programme, a personalised walkthrough of Twizoo for your site, a social data fact sheet and tailored tips on maximising social content.

Currently the only solution of its kind, Madeline Parra and John Talbott’s company is headed for great things.

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