Harvey Melvin and Ross Melvin: Ventro Group

The fully-accredited passive fire safety specialist helping organisations around the country manage fire risk

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Harvey Melvin and Ross Melvin, 23 & 26
Ventro Group

Ventro Group is one of the leading passive fire protection specialists in the UK, led by brothers Harvey Melvin and Ross Melvin.

Providing everything from fire doors to fire dampers, fire sprinklers and fire rated cladding, Ventro is a consultancy business which partners with organisations in need of fire protection services.  It promotes passive fire protection through a range of channels including seminar events, networking events and its consultancy framework to raise awareness of fire compartmentation and reduce risk within buildings from all corners of the UK.

In a fire scenario, Ventro’s holistic approach to fire safety could mean the difference between life and death for a building’s inhabitants. Their work to compartmentalise the fire and stop it from spreading is fully accredited and certified under a range of schemes.

Operating from its head office in Plymouth, as well as London, Nottingham and Manchester, Ventro offers its services across the UK. Its three-step approach: Healthcheck, installation, and maintenance has been developed to make sure its client’s products work efficiently and effectively. Blue chip clients it works with include the NHS, hotel groups, local authorities and housing associations across the country.

In the light of the devastating Grenfell Tower tragedy, fire safety has, unsurprisingly, jumped to the forefront of everyone’s minds, raising awareness of fire issues and demonstrating the need for the essential service Ventro to provides.

With growth escalating across a number of sectors, including social housing, hospitality, education and healthcare, Ventro also demonstrates how businesses can scale without funding – the Melvins haven’t raised a penny of external investment.

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