Ofri Ben Porat: Pixoneye

The AI company reaping real-time behavourial data from your phone’s photo galleries…

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Ofri Ben Porat, 33

The only company of its kind, Pixoneye uses artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision to scan a user’s mobile photo galleries to reap invaluable data about their lives, which it can then share with brands.

With each image scanned as it is taken, the platform, which operates in London and Israel, captures real-time behavioural data about a consumer’s lifestyle, whether it’s moving home, getting married, having a baby or going on holiday.

The customer’s smartphone is then taught to convert their photo gallery into a ‘feature vector’, which is used to personalise the in-app experience to each customer to ensure they are only targeted with the most relevant offers ads and services.

These recommendations can be based on information gleamed from a user’s photos such as key life events, interests or demographics, or information based on their browsing history or previous purchase history.

Clients can harness this data to target consumers at key purchasing moments, boosting user engagement, improving ROI and increasing revenue in the process.

Founded in January 2015 and launched officially in December 2016 by Young Gun Ofri Ben Porat – a former senior marketing advisor to the minister of tourism in Israel – and Nadav Israel, Pixoneye already has some major clients under its belt.

Its capacity for unparalleled insight into consumer data and behaviour holds huge power for brands, and judging by the big names its attracted so far, brands are clocking onto this fact.

They say data is the new oil, and while internet giants such as Google and Facebook appear to hold a monopoly, it looks like this young start-up has discovered a huge untapped source…

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