Piers Daniell: Fluidata

Delivering high-speed connectivity solutions to large businesses

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Piers Daniell, 31
Company: Fluidata
Web: www.fluidata.co.uk

Founded in 2004 when founder Piers Daniell was just 22, Fluidata has become a major player in the telecommunications sector, providing high-speed internet and connectivity solutions to more than 1,000 clients including O2, Cisco and Vodka Revolution. Now employing 52, the London-based company has seen especially strong growth in recent years. In its last set of accounts the company generated revenues of £10.2m (a rise from £7.2m) – and over £1m in profits. It is set to reach sales of £13.8m within the next 12 months. Fluidata’s commitment to quality was reflected by the company being awarded the Internet Provider’s Association Award two years running and receiving ISO accreditation for the environment and quality.

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