How to start a florist business

Our guide to launching and running a flower shop, to help you succeed in this blooming industry

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What is a florist business?

To start a florist shop you’ll need to create a business plan, this guide shows you what you’ll need to do to successfully start a florist shop. Whatever the occasion, people have always enjoyed receiving flowers from family, friends and loved ones. And increasingly, flowers are not just for special occasions. Over half of all the money spent on flowers comes from people buying them for their own homes. Now more than ever, behind the bouquets and bunches lies a large and thriving floral industry.

According to Lantra Training, a training organisation for people in the land-based sector (agricultural and veterinary careers for example), the florist industry is mostly made up of small businesses, with IBIS world research stating that currently the floral industry is worth £993m and employs over 21,000 people. These figures speak for themselves and prove how much the UK population loves all things bright and beautiful.

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Perhaps your passion for flowers or gardening extends to such a level that you could see yourself in business but haven’t dared enter the fray? Or perhaps you have got it in your mind to start a florist shop but you don’t know where to begin? Our guide will hopefully transform any hesitancy into a budding business, and help you create a florist business plan to use when you start your flower business.

Ready to get started? Find out everything you need to know about how to start your own business here.


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