How to start a mobile beautician business

How to buff and polish your business idea into a fully operational mobile beauty company

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What is a mobile beautician?

The beauty industry is big business. There are tens of thousands of beauticians and beauty salons in the UK providing our beauty-conscious population with a huge number of trained cosmetologists. In today’s world both men and women are increasingly on the lookout for high quality treatments and beauticians that they can rely on, but also that can conveniently fit into their busy schedules. This element of convenience has led the mobile beauty industry – which brings treatments to the customer directly – to surge in popularity, as people strive to find reliable and accessible services.

Travelling to customers and offering treatments in the comfort of their own home appeals not only to the client but also the therapists as it reduces overheads because they don’t have to pay excessive rates to rent a salon. Without the financial burden of renting premises, beauticians can offer their services at competitive prices, thus attracting thrifty customers on the hunt for a bargain.

According to Natasha Dwyer, founder of Return to Glory – which describes itself as ‘London’s home spa on speed-dial’ – the mobile beauty industry is about to open up considerably. In the US, one in four beauty treatments are performed in the home, and while the number is lower in the UK, she believes the UK will follow this trend – making it an ideal business opportunity for anyone or trained interested in the beauty industry.

Who is the beauty business suited to?

To establish a mobile beauty business, it goes without saying that you must love the industry. You’ll spend your days providing treatments to customers and so a strong appetite for all things beauty-related is paramount. You’ll need to have a sound knowledge of everything from the treatments you’ll offer to the products you’ll be using. Excellent customer service skills are also crucial, to help you maintain a loyal and satisfied client-base.  Dwyer says: “The industry suits someone with a genuine passion for delivering high quality treatments – if they don’t have that they’re going to fall at the first hurdle.”

As a mobile beauty therapist, you’ll spend a good degree of time travelling to and from appointments. The most obvious mode of transport is a car or van, bearing in mind you’ll probably need to bring products and equipment, and therefore a valid UK driving license is required. Before you launch your business it’s important you decide on your target area and how far you’re willing to go for appointments and try to stick to whatever you decide at the beginning. Good time management skills are also vital because customers will not be pleased if you continuously turn up late to appointments.

Other necessary attributes include solid numeracy skills, to ensure you can maintain healthy account books, and a personable and friendly attitude. Being a beauty therapist involves a huge amount of personal interaction and a happy customer is far more likely to come back and refer their friends than an unhappy one.

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