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iPad POS is a modern way for businesses to manage their sales processes. Unlike traditional EPOS options, which worked using a dedicated terminal with attached equipment, an iPad POS system is maneuverable and mobile. An iPad EPOS system offers flexibility that can significantly improve user experience, both for staff and customers.

Though the technology is still relatively new, there are a number of EPOS systems available to be used with iPads and Android tablets. This type of POS is generally well designed, easy-to-use and adaptable enough to offer features and functionality that might otherwise be inaccessible.

Find out more about the range of iPad POS options on this page – we have collected together information on a range of topics, including:

iPad EPOS benefits

iPad POS offers a range of benefits, including access to functions and features that would be unavailable with traditional point of sale equipment.

The list below contains just a few of the benefits, along with additional information about each advantage:

iPad POS Cost

iPad EPOS is often cheaper than a traditional point of sale system. With many traditional options costing thousands to purchase and maintain, an iPad comes in far cheaper. Additionally, with the iPad being as popular as it, replacements and repairs are much easier to handle than they would be with an older EPOS terminal.

Of course, you will pay a monthly fee to maintain your iPad POS software, but these same fees apply with other forms too, so there is no added cost in that sense.

Ease-of-use and customer service

Using an iPad POS is simple, with almost all staff able to master the process in a few hours. This ease-of-use is incredibly useful in any fast-paced environment, but also extends out to offer efficient purchasing options for customers.

Many retail stores now use iPad POS points throughout the store to allow customers to order in items without approaching the traditional sales points. The use of these iPad point of sale points help businesses to accept more orders and bring in more revenue, without having to expend staff hours in-store.

This process has also begun to roll-out into other sectors, with a range of restaurants and fast food franchises beginning to make use of tablet EPOS as a way of adding efficiency to food and drink delivery.

Making use of iPad EPOS as a simple way of improving staff and customer satisfaction. With most softwares designed with efficiency in mind, it is extremely possible to speed up processes considerably, while offering your clients and customers news ways to place orders.

Environmentally friendly

An iPad POS system is environmentally friendly for a number of reasons. The first, and perhaps most important, is the reduction in printed material. With an iPad point of sale system, waiters and staff members can take orders electronically, reducing the need for notepads throughout a business – this POS software can then feed these orders directly to a terminal in the kitchen, allowing the whole process to be completed without the need for wasted paper.

Additionally, an iPad POS system will allow your staff to offer customers electronic receipts in place of the paper receipts. Removing this unnecessary printing from every order will, over time, be a huge benefit to your business’s environmental footprint. Using this method of receipt delivery can also help your business to collect customer email addresses to be reused for marketing purposes.

Compare iPad POS software

Improvements in iPad POS technology in the past few years have led to a huge increase in the number of suppliers operating within the sector – this means that businesses can choose between a range of softwares.

Though making a choice can be difficult, it is ultimately a huge benefit to businesses to be able to choose a business that suits their requirements directly. Many iPad POS providers will specialise in retail or hospitality specifically, ensuring that they can offer software and equipment, but also valuable experience too.

The table below includes a quick side-by-side comparison of three iPad POS software providers – for more information on each, simply scroll down the page to the relevant section.

Epos Now iPad POSiZettle iPad POSShopkeep iPad POS
Best for: retail and hospitalityBest for: small businesses and startupsBest for: retail

Find out more about these suppliers in the sections below.

Epos Now iPad EPOS

Epos Now is always an excellent option for point of sale systems, but is particularly well regarded when it comes to iPad POS.

Having initially been founded on the basis that there were not many POS options available in the hospitality industry, Epos Now has always aimed to offer the most functional software and technology to improve the operations of the businesses they work with. To this end, Epos Now’s iPad POS software is among the most well regarded in the industry.

Like other suppliers on this page, Epos Now can offer both the software you will need, as well as a range of hardware and tools to help improve various processes.

Epos Now, like other point of sale systems can be used in line with a merchant account to ensure that payments can be processed and accepted, ensuring that every part of your business’s sales process is streamlined and efficient.

iZettle iPad EPOS

intelligentpos Logo
Intelligentpos from iZettle is an excellent option for modern business users.

Designed to improve business standards and processes, the iZettle system offers a range of services and features that can significantly improve your performance.

With various functions built into the software, and with others available to be added, iZettle can offer almost everything you need, without having to complicate processes by purchasing or installing external tools.

The mainstay of any EPOS system is the ability to process sales – intelligentpos is perfect for this, working in the same way as a traditional point of sale till; after these sales are recorded, iZettle can then also help you to complete transactions.

Finally, the inteliigentpos system from iZettle provides analytics and reporting to make sure that you can closely monitor how your business operates at all times.

In addition to the necessary software mentioned above, iZettle can also provide hardware, including:

      • iPad stands
      • Receipt printers
      • Receipt paper
      • Loyalty and giftcards
      • Barcode scanners

The list above is not complete, and there are also a number of accessories that can be added on to complete your iPad POS system.

Shopkeep iPad POS

Shopkeep logo
Shopkeep iPad POS is an excellent option for retailers, offering a huge range of features and functions to improve the efficiency and processes that are integral to the business.

Shopkeep POS includes a number of features which can be used in day-to-day business to ensure the smooth running of your business. The list below includes just a few of these features, along with a little information about each:

      • Register – like a traditional EPOS, this register allows your staff to process shoppers orders or baskets, calculating costs and a range of other factors.
      • Payments – Shopkeep’s iPad POS can work with merchant accounts to ensure that payments are made safely and quickly.
      • Inventory – manage your stock automatically, simply by scanning or tagging it.
      • Analytics – monitor sales, revenue, refunds, stock and a huge range of other metrics with an integrated reporting system.

Shopkeep’s iPad POS system is an excellent choice for modern businesses, with various features and functions designed specifically to streamline processes and improve sales.

To find out more about Shopkeep or any of the other suppliers included on this page, simply complete the form at the top of the page. This process is free, quick and easy, and it could save your business both time and money.

Restaurant POS for iPad

Restaurant POS iPad systems will require several features to work properly. An iPad is essential – although software is available for android tablets too – and software is also required.

Beyond the two basic requirements above though, you do not need anything else. Of course, various other accessories are available, and can improve processes – thinks like printers, cash tills and iPad stands, for example, can offer a little more ease-of-use.

Perhaps the main benefit of an iPad POS system comes in the mobility that it offers. Unlike with traditional options, an iPad POS system can be held by members of staff and taken directly to a table. This can improve the customer experience, but also speeds up food delivery times, with orders being sent directly from the table to the kitchen.

In some restaurants, iPad POS systems have also begun replace staff, with customers able to order their food and drinks directly from a tablet. Using an iPad POS in this way can, of course, reduce a business’s outgoing costs significantly.

Bar iPad POS

iPad POS systems in bars offer flexibility that is sometimes unavailable in traditional terminals. One of the main improvements with this sort of system though is customisation – with changes easily made from day to day – and also space. Traditional EPOS terminals take a lot of space – an iPad POS is small and compact.

Today, it makes more sense in most cases to opt for an iPad POS instead of a full terminal. In bars that employ waiters it makes more sense to have mobile point of sale functionality, and in those where this is not a requirement it is still manageable to operate an iPad POS. These systems can be used in every part of the bar process – from ordering supplies to take orders, from accepting payments to managing reservations.

Retail EPOS for iPad

Retail POS on iPad is likely to be used primarily in the same way as traditional EPOS terminals have been. Like with other sectors though, an iPad POS does offer a great deal of flexibility and mobility that is not available with other options.

Perhaps the most important function that is available with this form of POS though, is the ability for customers to order directly using iPad POS points that are setup around stores. Generally, these points are used when customers find clothes that they like, but need to a variation on the in-store options. Clothes retailers, for example, may often find these iPad POS points being used to order different sized or coloured versions of clothes present in the shop.

The key benefit of this function is, of course, the increased ability to provide customers with the products they are looking for. However, it can also help a business to understand what they need. If a large number of customers use the iPad POS to order a specific item, size or colour, then store managers can easily understand what sort of stock they should order in future to match customer preferences.

Compare iPad POS system quotes

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