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These top POS systems for restaurants will help prepare your business for whatever the pandemic throws at it

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Based on our in-depth research, we strongly recommend these three POS providers for hospitality businesses:

  • EPOS Now is a great choice for large restaurants – offering advanced features like integration with booking systems/delivery apps and in-depth reporting
  • If you want a POS system that’s going to adapt to the needs of your growing business, then you want Lightspeed for Restaurants. It has a range of tiers, meaning you can start with an affordable solution and add extra features as you need them.
  • The best fit for small restaurants is Square for Restaurants – you can get started with an iPad and a couple of pieces of Square kit, and quickly get your restaurant business off the ground.

We understand that choosing the right one for your business can often seem daunting and confusing – so let us be your guide. For expert advice in picking the right POS system for your restaurant business, just answer select which options and features you need to get a bunch of bespoke quotes tailored to the needs of your business.

Or, to hear more about how these three POS systems can help your business – plus info on some of the other leading contenders – read on.

Save by Comparing Restaurant POS Quotes Is your restaurant business already using a POS system?
Compiling the best restaurant POS systems has been supporting small businesses for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve built up a wealth of knowledge on point of sale systems, meaning we’re in a position to recommend some great point of sale products to our audience. 

Combining our expertise in small businesses and startups with our knowledge of the restrictions that restaurants face due to coronavirus, we’ve whittled down our favourite restaurant POS systems to ensure you’re covered during the pandemic. 

From table management to booking systems, these restaurant POS systems offer lots of features to help you through the current climate. Check out our deep dives into our top five to discover the best POS system for your restaurant business. 

Or, you can opt to take our short quiz. It’ll ask you a few basic questions about your business to determine what you need, then send you over the best restaurant POS systems for your needs, alongside zero obligation quotes for you to compare.

Best POS systems for restaurants: an overview

Restaurants come in all shapes and sizes, which means their needs are not always the same. Some offer a dine and dash culture, while others are built around providing customers with a high end dining experience. The following systems offer businesses a combination of modern POS hardware and intelligent restaurant POS software, ensuring that no matter what type of restaurant you run, your needs will be met. 

 Best forPriceTable managementBooking system Order and pay app
EPOS NowLarge restaurants£1,999 upfront
Lightspeed for RestaurantsGrowing restaurants £59/month per location
Square for RestaurantsSmall restaurants£69/month for unlimited devices
TouchBistroHigh end restaurantsFrom £49/month for one device
Zettle Food and Drink
Previously known as iZettle Food and Drink
Cafes and small restaurants£29/month per iPadХX
NoblyPOSSimple setups£39/month for first till ХX

1. EPOS Now

Thanks to its ease of use and integration capabilities, EPOS Now is one of the best POS systems for restaurants in the time of Covid-19. Not only does it help staff with things like tableside ordering, but it integrates with booking systems and delivery apps to help you make the most out of being out of lockdown, while still keeping customers and staff safe. 

If you’re running on tight margins, EPOS Now’s advanced stock-taking features will help you to keep track of your spending. Meanwhile, the ability to automate purchase orders will help keep your mind at ease while you’re concentrating on keeping your business Covid-secure. 

Staying in sync with what your customers are ordering and not ordering can be key to a restaurant’s success. With EPOS Now’s in-depth reporting features, you’ll be able to see what’s selling and what’s not, and also find out when the best times are to put on promotions, such as dedicating a day of the week to a certain dish. 

There's also its front and back of house synchronisation, its kitchen management features, and its workplace management system, Deputy. When you add all these to the above, you can see why EPOS Now has clinched the top spot in our list of the best restaurant POS systems.

EPOS Now pricing: One off payment of £1,199 or £47/month


Table management and advanced booking functionality

Integrates with delivery apps like Deliveroo

Relatively easy to train staff

Includes sophisticated employee management


No free customer service

Only compatible with iPads

Limited integrations compared with other restaurant POS systems

What the users said:

“The EPOS system has been so easy to use, and support has been great – unlike other software providers we have used before. We decided to upgrade and get two systems whilst using an old till system.”

2. Lightspeed for Restaurants

With several tiers to choose from, Lightspeed grows alongside your restaurant business, so you never pay out for more features than you need. Better still, Lightspeed has a range of features available for casual dining, quick service, and fine dining restaurants, meaning it can meet your requirements, whichever direction you choose to take your business.

Lightspeed for Restaurants gives you the ability to create separate menus for separate devices, enabling you to streamline your restaurant setup for lunch and dinner services. And with the ability to take orders in minimal taps, servers don’t have to be at the table any longer than absolutely necessary, minimising Covid-19 transmission risk.

One of the most common pain points for restaurants is customers splitting the bill. Instead of hasty mental math calculations at the table, Lightspeed for Restaurants enables waiting staff to automatically split the bill by seat, so customers only pay for what they’ve ordered.

Restaurant owners have the option to integrate Lightspeed’s restaurant POS software with ordering apps, delivery software, customer loyalty software, and even supplier management software, meaning restaurant managers have all the tools they need to maximise their profits as the UK leaves lockdown.

Lightspeed for Restaurants pricing: Most popular package £59/month


Grows with your restaurant

Features for different types of restaurants

Lots of integratable apps

Compatible with lots of payment companies

Good offline functionality (with server)


Upgrade your whole package to benefit from the best reporting

Initial setup is a little tricky, especially for bigger menus

What the users said:

“I've been using Lightspeed Restaurant POS at my cafe for over three years now, and it continues to be an excellent system. All of our sales numbers are easily tracked and sorted. The programing interface is highly customizable to individual needs.”

3. Square for Restaurants

For a relatively simple piece of kit, Square for Restaurants packs a lot of punch. Armed with an iPad, the Square Terminal, and the Square Card Reader, you could have all the equipment you need to get your restaurant business off the ground. 

Square’s restaurant POS software is fairly basic on its own, but with lots of possible integrations, you can create a package that best suits your restaurant business. One of our favourite integrations is Squarespace, a website builder that enables restaurants to create beautiful websites with built-in booking systems. 

Square is also compatible with a huge range of third party apps and POS accessories, meaning you can expand your system’s software and hardware as your restaurant grows. 

Not to be dismissed by ambitious restaurateurs, Square for Restaurants offers all the tools you need to help run a relatively Covid-secure business. It offers sophisticated table management features, and the option to integrate booking tools and delivery apps. Its Square Terminal and Card Reader also facilitate table service. 

Square doesn’t require you to have a merchant account, which means you can start serving customers as soon as you’ve received the Square Card Reader and downloaded the Square for Restaurants software onto your iPad. Instead, Square changes 1.75% per transaction, and usually pays into your business bank account in 1-2 business days. Check out our full Square review for more information.

Square for Restaurants pricing: Free, £69/month, or bespoke, all for an unlimited number of devices. 


Free version is pretty good for new restaurants

Good table management

Very easy to use

Integrates with delivery, booking, and ecommerce software


Reporting is more basic than other restaurant POS software products

Only compatible with iPad

Customer service can be a bit hit and miss

What the users said:

“We chose Square because the Square Terminal provides the freedom we need to take payments on and offsite, but also because we love the elegance of the design and the promise of a system that is faster and more straightforward for the business.”

4. TouchBistro

TouchBistro is a fairly expensive restaurant POS system. But, as the saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’. TouchBistro’s restaurant POS software is rammed full of features to help you run and manage your business, including sophisticated tableside ordering, in-depth back end reporting, and the ability to integrate with plenty of third party apps.  

For high end restaurants with cocktail bars, staff can process orders in just two taps, giving them more time to make customers feel welcome. At the table, naturally placed menu prompts enable servers to upsell on the spot, or inform customers of any allergy information. 

The restaurant POS system also offers restaurant owners a way to increase customer loyalty, which is particularly important in current times. Thanks to a built-in loyalty functionality, you can collect information on what your members are ordering and send them targeted marketing material, such as offers on their favourite dishes or wines. 

While TouchBistro’s restaurant POS system has lots of features for you to take advantage of, it is expensive, so you may want to think about going for this system if you’re sure that you’ll make full use out of it. 

TouchBistro pricing: First license £49/month, 2nd and 3rd license £45/month, 4-9 licenses £40/month


Sophisticated table ordering with menu prompts

Intuitive to use

Great customer loyalty functionality

Integrates with booking and delivery software


Only compatible with iPads


Customer service can be a bit hit and miss

What the users said:

“Easiest system I've ever worked with, and my staff also agree. The amount of features you get for the price is excellent (stock and staff management etc.). Had one issue last year which they solved within 10 minutes. Would 10/10 recommend.”

5. Zettle Food and Drink

Quick editorial note: Zettle has recently rebranded to Zettle by PayPal, and the Food and Drink product is now named Zettle Food and Drink. The product offering remains the same. So, for the time being, we will continue to refer to the previous, well-established product names. Find more information on

Zettle Food and Drink has replaced Zettle Pro as Zettle's point of sale offering for restaurant businesses. It's far more sophisticated than its predecessor, offering more features and integrations such as delivery app integration and payment options. 

Zettle Food and Drink is very similar to Square for Restaurants when it comes to features, although Square does offer restaurant business owners more freedom when it comes to integrating things like customer relationship management and employee management software.

However, the great thing about Zettle Food and Drink is it's a decent product in its own right, and should offer restaurant businesses most of what they need without having to worry about paying extra for third party apps. While Zettle has pushed up its payment processing fee from 1.25% to 1.75%, the software is much cheaper than Square for Restaurants, coming in at just £29/month per iPad.

Oh and a quick note here

Read our full Zettle review for more information.

Price: £29/month per iPad


Sophisticated table management

Intuitive to use and easy to set up

Bill management features

Integrates with booking and delivery software


Only compatible with iPads

Doesn't much in the way of customer loyalty management

Gets expensive when you have more than two iPads

What the users said:

“Great app for new companies setting up on a budget but robust enough to support a mid-size organisation. Simple, programmable interface with a high degree of functionality.”

The best of the rest

Right now, restaurants need a point of sale system that’ll ensure they’re as pandemic-proof as possible – and that doesn’t just mean enabling servers to carry out tableside ordering and take card payments. It also means they need a booking system to ensure they know how many covers they can expect per service, and the option to offer a delivery and takeout service if the country goes into lockdown again. 

The following restaurant POS system is great for restaurant owners who need a cost-effective way to get their business up and running, enabling servers to take orders at the table and carry out an efficient service. However, at this time, it doesn't integrate with booking or delivery apps.

Nobly POS

Nobly POSWith several awards under its belt, Nobly is certainly worthy of featuring in our list of best POS systems for restaurants. One of its most impressive features is its ingredients tracking function, which ensures restaurants are well informed about stock levels and dish availability.

If we were to summarise NoblyPOS in a sentence, we would say it’s cost-effective, easy to use, and offers restaurant owners lots of handy features to run an efficient, error-free service. Read our full Nobly review for more information.

The best restaurant POS systems: final verdict

According to our research, the best POS systems for restaurants are:

  1. EPOS Now
  2. Lightspeed for Restaurants
  3. Square for Restaurants
  4. TouchBistro
  5. NoblyPOS
  6. Zettle Food and Drink
  7. Nobly POS

The top four restaurants on our list offer all the features restaurants need to operate effectively during a pandemic, including delivery app integration, booking system integration, and table service facilitation. 

EPOS Now is a great all-rounder, offering businesses solid restaurant POS software features for a reasonable price. For those looking to grow their business, Lightspeed offers a range of tiered packages to choose from, while Square for Restaurants enables you to add third party apps and integrations as and when you need them. 

For a serious point of sale system from the offset, choose TouchBistro. And if you’re looking for a simple yet effective POS system to get your restaurant business off the ground,  Zettle Food and Drink offers everything you need.

Best POS systems for restaurants: the FAQs

Which supplier offers the best POS system for new restaurants?

If you're just starting out with a brand new restaurant business, you may want to look at a restaurant POS system that grows alongside your restaurant. Square for Restaurants is a good option for this, as you can add extra hardware, upgrade certain aspects of your software package, and integrate third party software to build a system that's right for you.

What are order and pay apps?

Order and pay apps allow your customers to order and pay for their food on their phone. You can use an order and pay app in an order at table capacity, and also to enable customers to order for click and collect or delivery.

Order and pay apps are usually hosted by a third party provider and can be web-based (and accessed through a QR code) or native (downloadable). You can either integrate an order and pay app into your POS system or use it as a standalone system. Our guide on how to set up click and collect for hospitality businesses offers more information the different types of order and pay apps.

Do I need an order and pay app or a POS system?

Although order and pay apps allow you to take payments, they aren't a replacement for a proper point of sale system. They aren't scalable, don't offer detailed enough analytics, and hardware integration is limited. You should use an order and pay app alongside your point of sale system – either integrated into it or standalone. If you need help finding the right order and pay app for your restaurant business, our quiz is a quick way to find suppliers that meet your requirements.

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