Best takeaway POS systems in 2022

Discover our pick of the best takeaway POS systems out there, and easily compare quotes from leading providers.

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Our in-depth research identified Square as the best overall POS system for takeaway businesses, thanks to its low costs, streamlined order management, and real-time reporting features.

However, Square won’t suit every takeaway business, and EPOS Now, Iiko, Goodtill and TouchBistro all have plenty to offer.

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Epos Now




Takeaway businesses with low transaction volumes

Established takeaway businesses that want advanced POS features

Busy takeaway businesses that want time-saving automation features

Takeaway businesses that want a colourful and easy to learn POS system

Pizza restaurants

Not yet rated

No monthly cost

£16 – Square reader

£25 per month (excl. VAT)

£49 per month (excl. VAT)

£29 per month (excl. VAT)

$69 per month (approx. £55 plus VAT)

  • Manage all your orders on one device
  • Real time in-depth reports
  • Pay team members with team management tools
  • Easily connect to delivery apps
  • Inventory tracking
  • 24/7 support
  • End-to-end automation saves time
  • AI-driven sales forecasting
  • Cost control tools
  • Specialist click and collect service
  • Works offline or via 4G
  • Colourful, accesible interface
  • Staff management software
  • Upselling tools to increase sales
  • In-depth reporting feautures

For some expert assistance (and to save hours of research time) finding the right POS system for your takeaway business, check out our free EPOS comparison tool. Just take a minute to answer a few quick questions, and you’ll receive no-obligation quotes from some of the UK’s leading POS providers.

Alternatively, just read on to learn more about our top picks for takeaway POS systems.

What are the best POS systems for takeaways?

Our top five picks for takeaway POS systems are Square, EPOS Now, Iiko, Goodtill and TouchBistro, each of which best suits different types of takeaway businesses with different needs.

Here’s all the vital info on each.

1. Square — Best for businesses with low transaction volumes

  • Easily manage all your orders on one device
  • Get real-time insight into what is and isn't selling
  • Team management tools let you easily track hours worked, time off, and employee performance
  • Not suitable for takeaway businesses with high transaction volumes

Pricing: No monthly fee, transaction fees of 1.75%-2.5%, card reader is £16, add-ons available

With no monthly fees, omnichannel order management and powerful reporting features, Square is our top choice for takeaway businesses with low transaction volumes. You simply pay £16 for the card reader, then 1.75% on card payments and 2.5% on virtual terminal and invoice transactions — a great model for takeaway startups. In our testing, Square scored particularly highly on business development, helped by a central dashboard that updates in realtime and lets you instantly see which dishes are loved by your customers and which might need a nudge to get things going. It also performed strongly on price and help and support — even the base plan includes 9am-5pm Monday-to-Friday phone support — as well as stock management and usability.

To learn more about Square, head to our Square POS review.

Square’s chief rival when it comes to POS systems with no monthly fees is Zettle, so take a look at our Zettle review to see how the two compare.

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2. Epos Now – Best for advanced POS features

  • Epos Now Delivery sets your business up on the major delivery platforms
  • First-class inventory tracking lets you easily manage stock levels
  • 24/7 support is perfect for late-night takeaway businesses
  • Premium price
  • No inbuilt CRM features

Pricing: From £25 a month

If you’re looking for an elite POS solution for your takeaway business, then EPOS Now could be the perfect fit. For around £25 a month (exact pricing depends on your company finances), you’ll get a mighty POS system that includes 24/7 support, integration with over 100 apps, and a Kitchen Display System (KDS) that lets you electronically send orders straight to the kitchen. Moreover, Epos Now Delivery quickly sets your business up on all the major food ordering apps (including Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo), and makes it easy to keep track of all the orders flying in from these platforms. When it came to our testing, Epos Now scored highly on business management, stock management, and usability, and its impressive range of app integrations includes Xero accounting software and Mailchimp for email marketing campaigns.

Our Epos Now review breaks down in detail what Epos Now has to offer and what type of businesses it’s best suited to.

3. Iiko — Best for time-saving automation

  • End-to-end automation saves time through innovative features like purchase suggestions
  • Customisable AI-driven sales forecasts let you get a much better handle on the future of your business
  • Advanced cost control tools make it easy to track your profit and loss
  • Expensive

Pricing: £49 per month (excl. VAT)

If you’re running a takeaway business, you’ll know the one thing you never have enough of is time. To help, Iiko uses state-of-the-art technology to increase the efficiency of your operations, and helps you plan and work better. How? By harnessing the power of AI and intelligently tracking your stock levels, suggesting when you need to purchase more ingredients and even automatically creating and sending purchase orders. AI improves your sales forecasts too, intelligently interpreting your sales data to give a much better idea of your business’ future. When it comes to takeaway and delivery, Iiko’s clever tech means your customers can order by phone, online or via Deliveroo and Uber Eats, and then track their orders via GPS. It’s expensive, but Iiko can make a huge difference to your takeaway business.

Save by comparing POS costs Does your business use a POS system already?

4. Goodtill – Best for ease of use

  • A colourful interface that makes it easy to onboard new staff members
  • Goodeats is a simple way to receive and manage takeaway/delivery orders
  • Runs off iPads and works via 4G/WiFi, as well as an offline mode
  • Using multiple add-on modules can get expensive

There are few POS systems that are as easy to use as Goodtill. The whole system pops with colour, and you can add images to make it really easy for new employees to learn the ropes. There’s more to Goodtill than just great visuals though. The Goodeats service costs extra (2.7% plus 12p per transaction) but lets takeaway businesses easily manage takeaway and delivery orders through a customised and branded online presence. Moreover, Goodtill runs off iPads so, if you’ve got the hardware already, it can be a very cost effective option for small takeaway businesses. In our rigorous testing, Goodtill impressed on business management, stock management and usability, but was a relatively weak performer on price and help and support.

5. TouchBistro – Best pizza restaurant POS system

  • In-depth reporting so you can see which pizzas are the most popular and which are the most profitable
  • Upselling tools that prompt your staff to suggest complementary pizza purchases such as dips
  • Staff management tools so you can identify top performers and reduce theft
  • Expensive

Pricing: $69 per month (approx. £55 per month plus VAT)

Hospitality POS specialist TouchBistro is our top pick for the best pizza restaurant POS system, with its reporting options and upselling tools particularly impressive. In total, you can access over 50 business reports, including options that let you really drill down into the details and track sales by menu item or monitor dish and ingredient costs so you know how much you should be charging for your pizzas. On top of this, TouchBistro has an excellent online ordering system that’s a quick-and-easy way to receive and manage online takeaway and delivery orders. In our testing, TouchBistro’s best-in-class reporting helped it record a very high business management score, and it also performed impressively in stock management, usability and help and support.

For some other top contenders, check out our rundown of the best restaurant POS systems.

How much do takeaway POS systems cost?

The cost of your takeaway POS system will depend on exactly what features you need and the complexity of your system. A basic takeaway POS like Square has no monthly fees and you just pay a small fee on each transaction, while advanced takeaway POS systems like Iiko cost around £50 a month.

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What’s the best free takeaway POS software?

No takeaway POS software is entirely free — processing payments always costs money, as do card readers.

However, the closest you can get to the best free takeaway POS software is Square. This provider charges no monthly fees, and you only need to pay a small fee on each transaction, plus a modest one-off cost for the card reader.

How to choose the right POS system for your takeaway business

Choosing the right takeaway POS system for your business is always going to depend on three things — your budget, the size of your business and your needs.

A key factor underpinning which system is the best value for your business will be the volume of transactions you process. If this is relatively low, then a solution where you pay no monthly fees but instead pay a small fee on each transaction is likely to be the best fit.

However, if you run a thriving business that processes high volumes of transactions every day, then you might be better off with a system that includes payment processing within its monthly fees and offers more advanced features.

Need a takeaway POS quote?

Let’s be frank. It’s not much fun choosing a POS system, ringing around companies to get quotes can take hours that would be better spent running your business. Luckily, we can help, and our free EPOS comparison tool has been designed by industry experts to help you get quotes fast. Just take a minute to answer a few questions and you’ll receive quotes from some of the UK’s top POS providers, tailored to the needs of your business.

Save by comparing POS costs Does your business use a POS system already?

Methodology: how our POS research was conducted

To choose the best hospitality POS systems, we combined our knowledge of what hospitality businesses need from POS systems with in-depth research that rated POS systems out of 5 on the following areas:


What sort of till features does the POS system offer? Does it have a training mode (where dummy transactions can be made) and can it handle bill splitting or receipt customisation?

Business management

This assesses how well the POS system handles business reporting, staff performance tracking, sales forecasting, integration with delivery apps, and whether it can be used offline.

Stock management

The core part of this category is inventory management, but it also includes how easy it is to create product variants and any barcode creation and printing tools.

Business development

Here, we examine a POS’ CRM and customer loyalty features, as well as how well it connects with an ecommerce site, and what sort of brand awareness the POS system has.


How easy is the POS system to set up and use, does it produce digital receipts, and does it have a one-touch till with instant product search and customer lookups?


How much does the average pricing plan cost, and is there a free plan or a free trial/demo?

Help and support/customer score

When is support available and is it offered via phone, live chat or email? How helpful is the knowledge centre and does the POS system offer daily backups?

Restaurant features

Does the POS offer advanced restaurant features like multiple employee logins, the ability to take online orders, table booking, floorplan customisation, inventory management, third-party integrations, and a Kitchen Display System (KDS)?

Best takeaway POS systems FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a takeaway POS system?
    A takeaway POS system is a point of sale system that is specially designed to meet the needs of takeaway businesses. It will generally have bespoke features that let businesses receive and manage takeaway or delivery orders.
  • Why do I need a POS system?
    Using a modern system with your takeaway business makes things much easier, allowing you to juggle orders from different platforms and locations from one compact device.
  • How much is an EPOS system?
    While the top takeaway EPOS systems can cost around £50 a month, basic systems like Square have no monthly fees and you simply pay a small fee on each transaction.
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