10 UK investors to follow on Twitter

If you’re a UK start-up looking for funding, Startups has pulled together a list of 10 investors whose attention you’ll want to catch this year

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Bryn Glover - Startups

Who are the most prominent investors in the UK at the moment (with active Twitter accounts)?

Read our list to find out who you should be following and join our investors list on Twitter here.

Eileen Burbridge

Why you should follow: Early stage tech-VC Elieen Burbridge is a really active and engaging tweeter tweeting about investments , acquisitions and life as a venture capitalist.
No. of followers: 41.5k
Twitter handle: @eileentso

Robin Klein

Why you should follow: An active early-stage tech investor, Robin Klein’s portfolio includes LoveFilm, Wonga, Moshi, Moo, Graze, Zoopla, Tweetdeck and more. He tweets regularly about the businesses he works with and the tech start-up scene.
No. of followers: 38.7k
Twitter handle: @robinklein


Martin Mignot

Why you should follow: An early stage investor at Index Ventures Martin Mignot tweets in English and French – using Twitter to connect with entrepreneurs.
No. of followers: 28.9k
Twitter handle: @martinmignot


Fred Destin

Why you should follow: An experienced early stage VC, Fred Destin has returned to Europe from Atlas Venture in Boston as a partner at Accel. His feed is full of interesting insights and lots of enthusiasm for the start-up landscape.
No. of followers: 22.9k
Twitter handle: @fdestin

Reshma Sohoni

Why you should follow: Seed investor and Seed Camp co-founder Reshma Sohoni shares lots of content and insights on the world of tech, MBAs and start-ups to look out for.
No. of followers: 11.7k
Twitter handle: @rsohoni


Russell Buckley

Why you should follow: Russell Buckley works with the UK government to help exciting tech companies get funding from overseas as well as investing via Ballpark Ventures. He tweets and retweets a cocktail of insightful content as well as lots of predictions about the future…
No. of followers: 9,426
Twitter handle: @russellbuckley

Nic Brisbourne

Why you should follow: Managing partner at Forward Ventures Nic Brisbourne blogs regularly at www.theequitykicker.com on venture capital and exploiting change in technology and media and he shares bitesized insights on his Twitter feed.
No. of followers: 9,422
Twitter handle: @brisbourne


Sean Seton-Rogers

Why you should follow: A VC at PROfounders Capital, Sean Seton-Rogers account is really personable. He engages lots with his followers as well as sharing interesting content.
No. of followers: 7,043
Twitter handle: @setonrog


Dale Murray CBE

Why you should follow: Tech entrepreneur and angel investor Dale Murray (previous winner of Angel of the Year 2011) operates a number of board positions in the public and private sector and tweets tips for securing angel investment.
No. of followers: 6,843
Twitter handle: @DaleJMurray

Ben Holmes

Why you should follow: As a partner at Index Ventures Ben Holmes tweets (fairly regularly) about Index’s portfolio and team as well as sharing interesting and predominately tech businesses and championing European venture capital.
No. of followers: 6,252
Twitter handle: @indexben

Written by:
Bryn Glover - Startups
Bryn Glover has been Editor of Startups.co.uk since 2017. Running the site's content strategy, Bryn spends a lot of time speaking to entrepreneurs and preparing for Startups' annual editorial campaigns. Having worked in journalism for just under a decade, Bryn wrote for sites like The Times, Reader's Digest, Independent and Times Higher Education before moving into the small business world.

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