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Company Name: MatchPoint UK
Business Description: MatchPoint is a brokerage for the franchise industry. It works the same way as an executive search firm in that we help people to understand the many different opportunities available. We educate and advise on how to research franchises and help match them to the brands they are most suited to. MatchPoint are paid by the franchisors for finding them suitable franchisees, so our services are free to prospective franchisees.
Coverage: UK, North America, South America, Central America, Australia, South Africa and the Middle East

The MatchPoint Service:

What services does MatchPoint offer?

  • A proven six-step process for identifying the most suitable franchises for each client
  • Coaching, advice and support throughout the franchise search and purchase process
  • We share the ‘insider’s approach’ to finding the right franchise
  • Recommend a choice of franchise companies for consideration
  • Help candidates to set clear goals for their franchise career
  • Separate the fact from the fiction about the franchising industry in the UK
  • Give them access to ‘non-advertised’ franchise opportunities

Are there any special criteria you stipulate to prospective clients?

  • We do not recruit for food-based franchise opportunities
  • Our clients need to have at least £15,000 liquid cash to invest, plus the ability to raise more through bank borrowing

The perfect franchisee

What do you look for in prospective franchisees?

They need to be able to follow a proven, successful system; have an entrepreneurial spirit and be ready to take responsibility for their own future

Obviously they need to be actively looking for a new and exciting opportunity, with access to a minimum of £15,000 to invest in their future AND have a net worth of at least £50,000 (securities, investments, pension funds, home equity) to meet the investment parameters of most franchise companies.

They also need to have transferable skills that can be used in many different vertical markets; a “Can Do” attitude, the desire to be their own boss and take charge of their future as well as the willingness to work with an industry expert.

Prospective franchisees must also show that they want an alternative to being employed and be looking for a rewarding alternative career with financial independence.

Finally, it goes without saying that, they must show that they really want to run their own successful business.

How do you help prospective franchisees find out what they are best suited for?

We use the unique MatchPoint Personal Franchise Profile system to assess their skills, experience and aptitude for franchising and business ownership. This provides us with an in-depth analysis of their interests, personal and business goals and their current circumstances.

Once completed, we use our experience and expertise to recommend opportunities that are relevant to the individual. We provide all the information they need to enable them to make an informed choice, including guides on how to investigate and evaluate franchise businesses.

Once they have made their choice, we’ll introduce them to the senior executives at each company and work with them throughout the process to ensure they have all the information they need at every step. This includes helping with their negotiations with their chosen franchisor and recommending the services of relevant financial and legal professionals if required.

MatchPoint provides them with access to some of the UK’s most successful franchises and the support of a highly experienced consultant.

How much do prospective franchisees pay you for your services?

The MatchPoint services are totally free to the prospective franchisees; we are paid by the franchising businesses that understand and respect how our depth of knowledge and expertise can provide them with high-quality candidates and, ultimately, reduce their time and costs spent on recruitment.

Success and growth

How successful are franchises today?

Some franchises have nearly a 100% success rate among their franchisees and others can have nearly a 100% failure rate.

Approximately half of all franchisees claim to be “fairly” or “very” profitable while the other half are not doing as well as they had hoped so it is essential that people know there is a way to find this out before they take the plunge in order to have the best chance of franchise success.

How ‘big’ is franchising in the UK today?

Franchising is now an industry with an annual turnover of £15.1bn in the UK alone. The following statistics, from the bfa/NatWest Franchise Survey 2015, show the health of UK franchising:

Franchise industry statistics

  • Number of franchisor brands operating in the UK: 901
  • Number of franchisee outlets: 44,200
  • Number of people employed in franchising: 621,000
  • Percentage of units profitable (including new businesses): 97%

This has grown from an industry that 20 years ago had a turnover of just over £5bn, had 379 different brands and represented 18,300 franchisee outlets.

Owning and running your own franchise offers the opportunity to be master of your own destiny by working with an established brand name, enjoying the benefits of a proven business methodology, expert training and on-going business support.

This has got to be an attractive proposition if you have the drive to succeed.

With over 900 companies offering franchising opportunities in the UK today finding the right franchise to suit you can be a daunting, complex and time-consuming task. If you get it wrong, you can make an expensive mistake, so you need as much expert advice as you can obtain.

Who heads up MatchPoint in the UK?

Keith Dolby, regional vice president, UK, Europe, Middle East

What experience does he have?

Keith has 25 years’ experience in the IT industry, he made a career transition in 2008 and became one of the first franchise brokers to represent MatchPoint in the UK. Since then he has helped many individuals make that same career transition to own a business that complements their skills and talents.

Keith says : “With the huge number of franchise opportunities currently available in the UK it makes sense to use a franchise broker to wade through all the options. You wouldn’t buy a house without using a professional advisor, so why would you buy a Franchise without using one? Especially when you consider that MatchPoint Franchise Brokers do not charge their clients a fee as they are paid by the franchisors for introducing suitable applicants.

“My MatchPoint role introduces me to many franchises on a daily basis. I am an industry expert and regularly see opportunities that are an obvious fit with my own skills and strengths. I am an advisor to myself and have become involved with other franchise opportunities as a result.”

“I have a unique insight as I have been where prospective franchisees are now. I have felt the fears and resolved them. I have had the doubts and concerns and found the way forward. And I want to share my success and passion for franchising with them. I sincerely believe that, based upon my personal experience, owning a franchise is the best way to go forward as a business owner.”

Finally, is the company a British Franchise Association (BFA) member?

No, but we are members of the IFA (International Franchise Association).

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