Mobile Ovens: The business opportunity

With the market for high quality street food growing, the mobile oven manufacturer explains how its offering gives budding entrepreneurs an edge over competitors...

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Business: Mobile Ovens
Description: Mobile Ovens enables you to create your own mobile pizza pop-up restaurant at any location
Started in: 2013
No. of business partners: 25
Coverage: Europe
Average cost per business: Under £10,000

Mobile Ovens started at the end of 2013 when the Mobile Ovens Company produced its first mobile wood fired oven. Since that time the design has been constantly improved to finally arrive at its current form which is perfect for running a mobile pizza restaurant.

The idea for a mobile pizza restaurant based on a wood fired oven came from the emergence of two trends: first of all, the huge growth of the street food industry and its earning potential. Secondly, the founders noted the increasing interest in the quality of food that is being served at outdoor locations. The idea for Mobile Ovens is a perfect response to these two trends – great quality, tasty food, at any location.

Moving into the business opportunity

Where did the business make its first sales?

Th first units were opened in Poland. After a very positive initial response we expanded to other European countries.

How successful were those original business partners that bought the units?

All units that were opened still operate today. The best units have a turnover of over €20,000 per month.

The business opportunity

What makes the business opportunity different/unique?

It turns the experience of eating in a real Italian restaurant into a mobile food business. It is not just about the quality of food that comes from the traditional wood fired Italian oven but also about the overall experience – this is what makes our solution different.

What services do you offer?

What we offer to our partners is an idea for a mobile restaurant that can be set up basically anywhere within 30 minutes. Great quality food that comes out of a traditional wood fired oven gives our partners a competitive advantage over existing solutions on the market.

How big is the market opportunity?

The market for mobile restaurants is very broad, however since this unique solution is basically non-existent on the market the potential of grabbing significant market share is huge.

How many business partners do you have today?

Last year we opened over 25 new mobile pizza restaurant businesses. All of them are still trading and profitable. This year we are expanding to international markets with a plan to open 100 units.

The perfect business partner

What do you look for in potential business partners?

We look for people that are passionate about doing business. A mobile pizza restaurant can be operated either full-time or part-time during open-air events on the weekends. It is a great business – under £10,00 franchise fee – which will break even very quickly. No special knowledge or culinary background is required to run this business.

So do business partners work from an office, or are they home-based? Is it part-time or full-time?

Our partners work either part-time or full-time. It depends on the person and his/her preferences – some decide to operate their mobile pizza restaurant during open-air events on the weekends and others decide to operate it full time at fixed location. Both business approaches are common and turn a profit.

How much do business partners pay and what are the ongoing fees?

Once the business is set up our partners do not have to pay any ongoing franchise fees. All that our potential partners have to pay for is the equipment needed to run a mobile restaurant.

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