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Business ideas for 2013: IT security

With so much talk of data, attention has once again turned to IT security and the opportunity to join the ranks of consultants. Here’s why

High-profile hacking nightmares for Sony, LinkedIn and Evernote recently have only served to remind companies and users of Cloud-based services, that the internet is wide open for those with nefarious intentions.

Major research house Gartner predicted in autumn last year that worldwide spending on IT security would rise from $60bn in 2012 to $86bn in 2016.

The market is more than just software and network security appliances such as firewalls. The figures account for the service sector that wraps around the solutions on offer too.

Beyond the protection of data stored in the Cloud, the proliferation of mobile devices has been matched by humankind's ability to cause problems for itself.

As Kenneth De Spielgeleire, global director, Vodafone Business Products & Services, says: “Mobile device security management is a must. 10,000 phones are left in London taxis every month. There are also security risks of fixed internet as a result of viruses and Trojans and millions of infected MMS' which are sent every year.”

IT professionals with good interpersonal skills will become increasingly sought after by small businesses and individuals alike and like the US police force, they will exist to serve and protect.

Published Mar 2013


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