Business ideas for 2013: Outsourced security services

Have you got professional experience in the security sector? There’s more potential than ever for going it alone

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Think of ‘security’ and you tend to picture overweight men dressed in black, standing unsmilingly in front of doors and behind red ropes. But security is a monstrous, sprawling industry that covers just about everything that can come ‘under threat’ – from a briefcase to an airport.

Fuelled by the world’s increasingly complex risk profile as well as growing demand from government and big business for people who can protect their physical assets, the industry is experiencing a boom. In an indication of its stature, the market for outsourced security guard services is currently worth nearly £5bn in the UK alone.

“Even in times of economic crisis businesses realise the folly of scrimping on their security needs, so this is an increasingly attractive market for start-ups to enter,” says Dr. Richie Nanda, global chairman of Topsgrup.

But he warns: “The industry is by no means an easy start-up, you must be equipped with knowledge of the industry, the health and safety guidelines, how to conduct a proper threat and risk assessment, how to protect lone workers, and so on. It can be a tough cut-throat sector but the market potential is enormous.”

Published Mar 2013

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