Hotel phone systems

Hotel phone systems are designed specifically for the hospitality sector, allowing staff and guests to communicate with ease

Good communication is the linchpin of any successful hotel operation, and a reliable hotel phone system is the cornerstone of good communication.

Even a small hotel has to juggle the whims and wishes of multiple guests, whilst also managing the bevy of staff that attend to the them.

Many hotels opt for a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems to fulfil their communication needs. These convert analog phone signals into digital ones and transmit them over the internet, meaning it’s easy to implement throughout multiple rooms without the hassle of laying down lines.

Also known as hospitality telephone systems, VoIP hotel phone systems represent a cost-effective, reliable and highly scalable option for hotels of all sizes, providing a wealth of functionality for management, staff and guests alike. Although similar to business phone systems, there are a number of manufacturers that create systems specially for hotels.

What’s more: Having a good communications system in your hotel is about more than just facilitating the flow of information; creating a memorable and slick guest experience will help to build brand loyalty.

If hotel phone systems are not suitable for your business, our office phone systems or small business phone systems pages may be useful.

Best phone system for hotels

With myriad options available, generally offering imperceptibly similar services it can be difficult to decide which is the best hotel phone system for your business. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best systems available in the UK and compare what they can offer your hotel.

MiVoice 6940 IP Phone

With a large 7” LCD touch display screen and a multitude of features, the executive-level MiVoice 6940 IP Phone is a receptionist’s dream, with 96 programmable keys, a cordless handset, support for Bluetooth and USB headsets and high definition audio. It can even display the apps from your
smartphone directly on its own screen.

Retails from around £300.

Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3900 Series

An affordable but decent one-line IP phone for hotel rooms. Simple design means guests will be able to use it without having to be shown how. Features caller id, call waiting, call forwarding, call transfer, call hold, and message waiting capability.

Retails from around £50.

Ericsson DBC 3213 Executive Telephone

Another executive level offering, the Ericsson DBC 3213 rivals the MiVoice 6940 for functionality but at a much more affordable price tag. It features 20 function keys. An integrated hands-free function, two-line keys, call forward and call transfer. It must also be noted that the phone is only compatible with the Ericsson DBC 50 and the Ericsson DBC 250 Telephone systems.

Retails from around £40.

Mitel 9116 Analog Phone

Featuring eight programmable keys, speakerphone functionality, call display and visual call waiting, Mitel’s 9116 Analog Phone is an excellent choice for guests’ hotel rooms. It also enables on-hook dialling, can be mounted on a wall or a desk and is hearing aid compatible for those guests that are a little hard of hearing.

Retails from around £25.

Types of hotel telephone

From the full-featured reception console, to the more basic phones available for guests’ rooms, there are a variety of hotel phones available, providing varying levels of functionality.

Hotel guest room phones

These offer limited functionality but everything that a guest could need from a hotel phone for the duration of their stay. A guest room phone will usually be durable and easy to use, able to be wall mounted and typically feature caller id, call waiting, forwarding, transfer and hold, a wake-up call function and voicemail.

Hotel reception phones

The nerve centre of any respectable hotel, the reception needs to have full knowledge and control of everything that’s happening so they can respond accordingly. Whether it’s a change to a guest’s booking, an emergency in room 234, or an update on toiletries stock, the hotel reception phone is an essential tool for communicating vital information around the hotel.

Therefore, a decent hotel reception phone will usually have HD audio – to ensure there’s no miscommunication – a large touchscreen display for viewing guest information, mobile integration, alongside all the features you’d expect from a standard IP phone.

Other hotel phones

To ensure the flow of communication you may want to install a phone in other rooms in your hotel including the kitchen, the gym or the laundry room. Whether it’s for a guest to make a request, a chef to ask for supplies, or to direct a cleaner to a particular room, you want to be able to pass messages through your hotel without the need for anybody to come to reception.

When deciding on a phone for the other rooms in your hotel, think about what would be suitable for that environment and what kind of functionality you’ll need. For example, a phone in a busy, noisy, greasy kitchen should be durable and easy to use, while your laundry room phone should be connected to a system that makes it reachable by all your guests.

Hotel phone system suppliers

This is an industry where it pays to put your organisation in the hands of an established, reputable supplier, one that has decades of experience in implementing comprehensive and reliable phone systems in hotels.

Such experience has enabled them to develop products that address every conceivable hotel issue – something you’ll appreciate all the more when you suddenly encounter a situation you never would have imagined you needed a solution for.

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Mitel hotel phone systems

This Canadian company is a big player in the hospitality phone system industry, with experience working with everyone from small scale hotels to large luxury operations around the world.

The Mitel 400 Hospitality Package was designed with specific functions for hotels and guest management and to be “seamlessly integrated” into a hotel’s existing processes and infrastructure. Its features are numerous and comprehensive including: easy check in/ check out, group functionality, detailed billing of call charges, mini bar consumptions and housekeeping information.

Guests phones have a voice mailbox and message waiting indication, as well as an integrated wake-up system. At check out, the guest can see a detailed bill of call charges, with any private data deleted. For parents, the wireless terminals of the Mitel 600 DECT phones even have a baby call function.

Cisco hotel telephones

Cisco is an established provider of VoIP phone systems to businesses with a range of affordable solutions to suit your needs, including phones for guest rooms and higher functionality phones for reception.

The company says its hotel solutions enable you to create and deliver a personalised experience for each guest and help to address issues such as staff productivity, energy costs, lost revenue streams, and network complexity.

Cisco’s Connected Hotel Suite is a flexible solution, integrating voice, video and data over one connected network, enabling hoteliers to manage everything from calls, video surveillance, and internet access, to on demand video entertainment, heating and ventilation control, and energy management.

NEC hotel phone systems

With clients including Hilton, Marriot and Waldorf Astoria, NEC provides hotel phone systems with tailored solutions to suit different brands and hotels, from basic to very advanced functionality.

At a glance, it offers the following features: operator and guest reservations, property management solutions (PMS) connectivity, staff mobility, voicemail and wakeup, IT & communications infrastructure, alarming & mobility, virtualisation & hosted delivery, and wireless, allowing guests to link up using their own devices

The company says its solutions help hotels to control costs, boost efficiency and increase customer/ guest retention.

Hotel phone systems features

Overseeing the comings and goings in a busy hotel can be quite a task, with both guests and staff needing some form of management at all times. Hotel IP phone systems can do just that by providing up-to-date information about guests on an LCD screen, wake up calls, room-to-room calls and voicemail at a minimum.

Hotel telephone benefits

Hotel telephone systems offer a wealth of benefits for the busy establishment. While legacy phones require you to lay down lines, you can implement a VoIP-based system just by plugging in more devices and connecting to your cloud network.

While the initial outlay for a comprehensive solution may be significant, you’ll easily recoup the costs from essentially free calls, the boost in productivity and the efficiencies created. On top of that, an IP based phone system is endlessly scalable, meaning adding new lines and functionality can be done as you grow with minimal hassle or interruption to your hotel business.

Such systems are also adept at handling high call volume, essential for a busy hotel dealing with constant internal and external communications, sometimes 24 hours a day.

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