How to find an accountant

Where to start looking for an accountant for your small business

There are many ways to find an accountant, one of which is through recommendation. Ask friends and contacts if they would recommend their various accountants. Also ask businesses around you if they go to someone locally.

Your solicitor and bank manager will be working with accountants all the time – they will probably have a good idea of the firms most suited to your type of business. Equally, your local Business Link or Enterprise Agency will be able to offer advice.

Make sure you ask people what they used their accountant for – you might not need the same kinds of services? What would they recommend about them and what are the weak points? Were they always on hand when needed?

Most importantly it is advisable to choose someone who is a member of one of the main professional accounting bodies. There is no legislation to stop anyone setting up as an accountant so asking for member accountants in your area will ensure you are getting someone fully qualified.

And of course the internet is a really good place to start.

We’ve done a bit of research and found TaxAssist Accountants who specialise in offering tax advice to small business owners. They offer a free initial consultation which lasts no longer than an hour and which puts you under no obligation to sign up as a client. The consultation also gives you the opportunity to decide whether or not you feel that you can form a working relationship with that particular accountant. If this is of interest you can fill out this simple form


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