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170,000 overseas entrepreneurs formed companies in the UK in 2015

Of all international founders, Polish entrepreneurs registered the highest number of businesses with Companies House last year

The UK is becoming a hub for international entrepreneurs with more than 170,000 non-UK nationals having registered businesses with Companies House in 2015, according to research from the Made Simple Group.

The increase of 160% since 2010 is thought to be as a result of overseas entrepreneurs wishing to avoid red tape in their own countries.

Of all overseas nationalities, Polish entrepreneurs were found to have set up the highest number of firms through Companies House (14,000), followed by entrepreneurs from the Republic of Ireland (12,500) and China (11,500).

Last year, the World Bank Group ranked the UK the sixth easiest country to start a business in.

Howard Graham, CEO of Made Simple Group, commented:

“International entrepreneurs are choosing to set up in the UK, not only because of the extra prestige offered by registering here, but because the process is extremely straightforward and affordable compared to other countries.”

Henry Williams
Henry Williams

Henry has been writing for since 2015, covering everything from business finance and web builders to tax and red tape. He’s also contributed to many of our industry-renowned annual indexes, including Startups 100 and Young Guns, and created a number of the site’s popular how to guides. Before joining the team, he reviewed films for a culture website, and still harbours ambitions of being a screenwriter.


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