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6 business ideas so crazy you might think they’re April Fool’s jokes

To mark April Fool's Day, we've compiled a list of some of the most bizarre businesses active across the globe. Can you work out which ones are real?

Sometimes the wackiest business ideas are the ones that are most likely to succeed.

Take Airbnb for example; 15 years ago the idea of letting a stranger stay in your home for a week or even just one night would have been frowned upon. Now, with the impeding growth of the sharing economy, the business has become a multi-million household name brand with several start-up imitators.

Given that it's April Fool's Day, the team here at Startups Towers wanted to put your business acumen to the test and see if you can decipher which of these crazy start-up businesses from around the world are in fact real…

Crisp sandwich cafe


Dog glasses


Avocado bar


Period pain-inspired ice cream


Mobile spot popper


Chewable jewellery



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