75 UK start-ups chosen to join world’s largest start-up accelerator

MassChallenge UK has announced its London cohort which includes Startups 100-listed Q App and Compare and Share

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The world’s largest start-up accelerator and competition MassChallenge has announced the new class of start-ups to join its London programme, with 75 of the 90 finalists based in the UK.

The selected applicants, which includes Startups 100-featured companies Q App and Compare and Share, will participate in the programme from June to October and compete for £500,000 of non-dilutive grants.

An initiative which originated in the US, MassChallenge provides entrepreneurs with a host of business support including premises, access to a global network and expert advice.

With popular sectors including internet and web services, enterprise software and hardware, the UK start-ups selected for MassChallenge London 2015 cohort are:

  1. Cambridge Carbon Capture Ltd
  2. Renovagen Ltd
  3. ArtCube
  4. Baacco
  5. Choosic
  6. Fikay Eco Fashion
  7. FilmDoo
  8. Gormley & Gamble
  9. Great Little Place (GLP)
  10. JobMine
  11. Live Better With…
  12. Positivitea 
  13. Pronto
  14. Resonance
  15. Run Tour
  16. Sinclair Fire
  17. Timelooper
  18. Tispire
  19. Vidsy
  20. Xenapto
  21. Bladder Cancer Diagnostic Test
  22. Cambridge Bio Augmentation Systems
  23. Crop Intellect Ltd
  24. DJS Antibodies
  25. Dognostica Ltd
  26. Fall-Safe Assist
  27. Future Healthcare NI
  28. GiveVision
  29. Molecular Warehouse
  30. MOM Incubators
  31. Path
  32. RE-VANA
  33. Repositive Ltd
  34. Serket
  35. Access Solicitor
  36. Babelverse
  37. Birdi Ltd
  38. Burst
  39. BuyerDeck
  40. Cahootsy Limited
  41. Compare and Share 
  42. Converge
  43. CornerDrop Limited
  44. Cytora
  45. Deluge Energy
  46. Donative
  47. EarBuddy
  48. Glisser
  49. Haute Arabia
  50. HighSkillPro
  51. Lobster
  52. Moteefe
  53. Myriada / Financial Market Rank 
  54. Open Energy Market
  55. Perfocal
  56. Preliminal Games
  57. Q App
  58. Satsum
  59. Shoot 
  60. Stickyworld
  61. TalentRocket
  62. Visualwise
  63. Weather Safe Ltd 
  64. WikiHouse Foundation
  65. World Around Me
  66. zipcube
  67. Carbon Analytics Ltd
  68. Carerfy
  69. HelpingB
  70. Lexicum
  71. OpenPlay 
  72. Shade 7 Publishing 
  73. TreePress
  74. twosigmas
  75. Unique Access
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