BBC Dragon Steven Bartlett invests in greenwash-busting startup Nuevo

This new powerhouse collaboration is now at the forefront of reducing the marketing industry’s impact on climate change - here’s how you could prevent your own company from losing trust by intentionally or unintentionally “greenwashing” your customers

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Flight Story – the innovative communications group founded by BBC’s Dragons’ Den Dragon Steven Bartlett and Oliver Yonchev, the former Managing Director of Social Chain – have announced their investment in startup Nuevo.

Their vision? To deliver world-class strategy and global productions with the least amount of impact on the planet, acknowledging that the climate crisis is the marketing world’s problem, too.

Through lack of awareness and solutions, the marketing and advertising industry has created a carbon footprint which is now larger than that of civil aviation, according to a study conducted by The Brandtech Group. Addressing this problem, Jax Davey, Nuevo CEO & Founder, states: “With Flight Story’s support, we look forward to continuing to offer existing and new clients a solution that allows them to make positive change.”

Nuevo’s partnership with Flight Story is committed to reversing the harmful impact of the advertising and media industry on the environment, particularly when it comes to “greenwashing”.

Greenwashing, also called “green sheen”, is a form of advertising or marketing spin which deceptively persuades the public that an organisation’s products, services, aims or policies are environmentally friendly.

Greenwashing can severely erode the confidence customers have in a company as it signals to them that a business conducting such activities is either ignorant or unethical, and is prepared to compromise honesty, transparency and corporate social responsibility towards the environment. According to an independent study commissioned by SmartestEnergy, 81% of people prefer to buy from sustainable sellers and more and more businesses are growing in this arena.

Oliver Yonchev, CEO & Co-Founder of Flight Story adds: “After meeting Jax and hearing his story, I was filled with a deep sense of obligation to act.”

Flight Story’s offering of globally awarded creatives, strategists, operations specialists and consultants, along with innovative tracking technology, makes them perfectly positioned to work with brands, clients and creative partners that recognise the importance of people-planet-profit and want to drive a cleaner approach to marketing.

Their partnership with Nuevo will allow the business to scale, helping more brands move towards true net-zero marketing, through Flight Story’s robust partnerships and networks.

At a time when many smes are looking to go greener on a budget, Flight Story will also accelerate Nuevo’s processes and solution to help reverse the damage the media and advertising industry has had on the planet.

Davey concludes: “For years the ad industry has helped brands tell their incredible stories of innovation and commitment in this space, it’s now time to tell ours.”

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