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Bleep Bleeps secures $90,000 Kickstarter pledge to launch ‘Sammy Screamer’ motion alarm

Over 1,000 people back Startups Top 20 company through reward-based crowdfunding platform

‘Cool’ parenting device start-up Bleep Bleeps, featured in the 2013 Startups Top 20, has closed $90,840 on reward-based crowdfunding site Kickstarter to support the launch of its smartphone-activated sensor ‘Sammy Screamer’, over-funding its original target of $20,000.

1,095 people backed the campaign and pledged investment in return for a variety of rewards including pre-order of ‘Sammy’, branded pin-badges and t-shirts as well as ‘family packs’ and access to pre-order the sensor in limited colours and variations.

Established in November 2013 by Tom Evans, Bleep Bleeps specialises in a range of anthropomorphic ‘little guys’, designed to make parenting easier via movement-activated sensor devices.

Its first product which it will bring to market, ‘Sammy Screamer’, is a movement sensor controlled by the Bleep Bleeps smartphone app, which will be available on iOS and Android, that allows you to “keep an eye on your stuff”.

You attach the sensor alarm to your belongings or an object, such as a door, bag, baby’s pram or fridge, and it alerts you when the item moves by ‘screaming’ and sending a notification to your phone.

It intends to use the funding to support the development and manufacturing of the app and sensor in to order to make the ‘Sammy Screamer” “product a reality”.


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