Boris Johnson names 16 UK start-ups joining him on Israel trade mission

AppyParking, RefMe and Gojimo will accompany the Mayor of London as he seeks to strengthen links with Tel Aviv

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16 UK tech start-ups have been chosen to accompany Boris Johnson on a three-day trade mission to Israel as he seeks to drive job and business growth in London by strengthening ties with the country’s tech hub Tel Aviv.

The companies, mostly from the education technology (edtech) and smart city sectors, will meet with Israeli business leaders in a bid to foster strategic partnerships and opportunities that will nurture economic growth in both countries.

The cohort includes 2015 Startups Awards finalist AppyParking; an app which helps motorists find parking spaces nationwide, as well as Startups 100-listed comapny RefME; the online referencing generator and Gojimo – the education tool created by 21 year-old entrepreneur George Burgess.

The start-ups joining the trade mission are:

  • Crimson Hexagon
  • RefMe
  • Gojimo
  • Proversity
  • The Education Foundation (Edtech UK)
  • LEO
  • TeachPitch
  • RDS Capital
  • Litmus Educational Company
  • Entrepreneur First
  • BlockDox
  • AppyParking
  • Lucid Environments
  • Innovation Warehouse
  • Strawberry energy London LTD
  • Tevva Motors

Johnson commented:“This trade mission is a fantastic chance to promote London as a thriving tech city and an opportunity to encourage lasting partnerships with some of Israel’s most innovative and creative minds. I want to shine a light on London’s home grown tech talent and strengthen our ties with this part of the world.”

Dan Hubert, AppyParking CEO and co-founder, continued: “It’s extremely exciting to be selected for the Mayor Of London’s smart city trade mission to Israel. Showcasing our global parking solution that sits strategically within the smart city revolution is a great opportunity.”

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