Brands misunderstand over a third of their customers

Perfume brands, women’s clothing and gaming companies cited among worst businesses for failing to relate to their audience

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Up to 35% of consumers feel that brands do not understand them, according to a report from market research organisation Attest.

The study of 2,000 18-75 year olds found that perfume brands (26%), female clothing brands (23%) and gaming companies (19%) were the worst offenders for incorrectly estimating their customers spending habits and desires.

Insurance companies (17%) and make-up brands (10%) followed, with 82% of respondents having argued that they were not well represented and were often ignored by big labels.

41% of those surveyed claimed to have provided feedback to brands in the past yet 79% of these participants said they felt brands did not listen to their feedback.

Respondents were also asked if they felt brands resorted to stereotypes to appeal to consumers, with 92% saying they did and 23% of feeling alienated by the use of stereotypes.

Jeremy King, CEO of Attest, commented: “Until very recently, it’s been quite difficult for brands to actively and regularly engage with their most valued customers, across every demographic and range of preferences.

“Everyone is different, and even based on this simple piece of research, it’s worrying how many consumers feel misunderstood and that brands aren’t listening to them.”

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