The UK’s biggest leadership conference for young black professionals returns this October

The BYP Network Leadership Conference is an annual event which will take place both in person and virtually on Thursday 5th October 2023.

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This year, at the BYP Network Leadership Conference, thousands of Black professionals and allies will gather both online and in person to learn high-level skills from top leaders across industries, make impactful connections and be prepared for their leadership potential. 

The conference returns on Thursday 5th October for its annual event, both in person and virtually. 

About the BYP Network

BYP Network was founded after 2016’s BLM protests by British athlete, Kike Oniwinde Agoro, with an aim to harness and elevate the status of the Black professional, shatter misconceptions of the Black business narrative and promote equity in the professional sphere.

Agoro states: “I started BYP Network in October 2016 after becoming frustrated about the lack of diversity, inclusion and visibility for Black professionals. We are here to fill that gap by providing a platform for senior leaders to share their knowledge and guidance with the next generation of Black young professionals.”

The BYP Network connects Black professionals and students from all over the world for role model visibility, career opportunities, and business support. It focuses on helping millions of Black professionals advance their careers working with Corporate partners to diversify acquisition pipelines and driving positive change across all industries. 

Its groundbreaking career advancement platform, Javelin, has been designed to bridge the gap between Black talent and curated career opportunities. Its cutting-edge AI-powered platform transforms the way Black professionals navigate the job market, eliminating traditional barriers and biases that hinder career progression. 

The BYP team’s success culminated with Agoro recently being announced as the Vice-Chair of the London Chambers of Commerce: Black Business Association alongside Lord Michael Hastings.

The BYP conference details

Marking its fifth edition, this year’s conference theme is “Intentional Steps”, which will look to help Black professionals in fulfilling their purpose and success. Attendees will have the opportunity to connect, collaborate and gain invaluable insights from industry leaders, visionaries and influencers in the corporate and media spheres including: Tru Powell, Co-Founder & CEO, Black Business Magazine; Sebastian Newby, CEO, New Property Finance; and Samuel Kasumu, Co-Founder, Inclusive Boards. 

Discussion topics include: 

  • “The power of an outsider: harnessing your difference for success” hosted by Dom Scott
  • “A shared journey: the power of fellowship in advancing black ERGs” hosted by Jo Wong
  • “High performance mindset: learning from athletes” hosted by Kike Oniwinde Agoro

Join the conference: 

Thursday 5th October
Leonardo Hotel
45 Prescot Street
London, E1 8GP

Tickets are £149 for in-person attendance and virtual tickets are free, both of which can be reserved here:

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