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Calling all tech start-ups! Business owners have appetite for apps

Small businesses feel that apps that help them with travel, communication, accounting and networking would be the most beneficial

56% of UK entrepreneurs want more apps that help them with their day-to-day working life.

According to a survey by Trainline, 23% of business owners say they would regularly use an app that helped them with traveling and communication, 19% feel they require digital help with time management, while 18% would download an app if helped them network.

This appetite for apps appears at odds with regular Brits however, as the average smartphone wielder downloads just 25 apps – but uses just 13.

Holly Brockwell said:

“With so many apps being downloaded and left to clutter our app libraries, it’s time for a digital spring clean and to ensure you are only downloading the apps which really work for you.

“Your phone has the potential to help you run your business more smoothly, effectively and in a way that’s professional but simple.”


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