Digital Catapult Centre to launch in Northern Ireland

Enterprise minister Jon Bell has announced that the new innovation centre will be based at science parks in Belfast and Londonderry

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Northern Ireland has been appointed as the new location for the next government-backed Digital Catapult Centre, as announced by enterprise minister Jonathan Bell.

Established in London in 2014 with a network of centres across Brighton, Bradford and Sunderland, the Digital Catapult Centre looks to “develop breakthroughs” for the UK’s data sharing movement and its latest site is to be based at the Northern Ireland Science Parks in Belfast and Londonderry.

Bell has said that the launch will help “showcase” Northern Ireland’s tech capacity in areas such as advanced sensors, analytics, and cyber security.

The new centre will also look to provide a platform for local digital businesses to engage with larger digital firms across all sectors.

Bell commented: “Our long term partnership with the Digital Catapult will provide businesses with the opportunity to collaborate to solve key problems and develop new products and services by sharing data in a much better way. I am delighted to announce that Northern Ireland is now formally part of the Digital Catapult Centre network.

Digital Catapult CEO, Neil Crockett, added:

“The wealth of experience and expertise within Northern Ireland is a valuable asset to our network and we look forward to building a range of relationships both locally and across the UK. ”

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