Dropbox launches five new features to help entrepreneurs work on the go

New features include signing PDFs directly within the app and the ability to create and view files without unlocking your phone

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Cloud storage platform Dropbox has announced the launch of five new mobile productivity features that could help business owners work on the go.

Users will now be able to sign PDFs from directly within the app, instead of having to print, sign, scan and email urgent documents and share Dropbox files in iMessage, making it easier to collaborate with employees and team members.

Other features include the ability to create and view files without unlocking your phone by adding the new Dropbox widget to your lock screen and in-app notifications when someone saves a new version of a file you’re viewing.

Finally, videos can be watched from Dropbox while working in another app on an iPad, with a split-screen feature set to launch within the coming weeks so you can work within Dropbox and other apps at the same time.

The updated Dropbox app for Apple iOS 10 is available now in the App Store.

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