It’s now easier for start-ups to advertise on Snapchat thanks to a new feature

Snap Publisher, a new ad creation tool, allows small businesses to upload their own images, videos, and logos onto pre-sized ad templates

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It’s just become a whole lot easier for start-ups and small businesses to advertise on Snapchat.

Available immediately, new creative tool Snap Publisher will allow businesses of all sizes to create full screen video ads using just their web browser.

Accessible directly within Snapchat Ad Manager, a self-serve ad buying option for businesses launched last month, the latest move seeks to level the playing field between large corporates and smaller enterprises advertising on the app.

How it works: Users simply open the Snap Publisher tool and select the “Create a Snap” option. Choosing their own desired template, as well as uploading their own photos, videos or logos before saving – brands can immediately publish their ads to Snapchat’s Ad Manager.

Important to note for entrepreneurs looking to expand brand their brand’s awareness and drive sales, all Snap Ads are reviewed by Snap in order to ensure all ads have a certain standard of quality – before going live.

As a result, Snap says ads with “poor creative” will see worse performance and higher costs in the auction – in an effort to “weed them out”.

With research from Greenberg showing that 31% of UK ‘snapchatters’ watch just one hour of  TV or less a day, start-ups are well advised to consider the opportunities of social media advertising – especially if they want to reach the millennial market.

Specifically looking at Snapchat, data from App Annie in May 2017 found that 31% of Snapchat’s 10 million daily UK users in the UK cannot be reached by Facebook, while 37% cannot be reached by Instagram, 44% by Facebook Messenger or 53% by YouTube.

Now longer solely confined to teens, in October 2016 Snap Inc. announced that over 77% of its UK users are currently over 18 – with 43% of them being parents.

Not the only way brands can utilise social media to push their product, the rise of ‘influencer marketing’ allows businesses to showcase their product to thousands or even millions of potential consumers at a much cheaper price than traditional marketing.

Particularly prevalent in the food, drink, fashion and fitness sectors, businesses pay famous celebrities, bloggers or media personalities to promote their products to their massive following – rather than advertising on the social media site itself.

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