Entrepreneurs invited to pitch to buyers for John Lewis

StartUp Britain’s PitchUp! Scheme offers unprecedented access to national retailer

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StartUp Britain has launched a new scheme to help fledgling UK start-ups get their products in front of one of Britain's largest retailers. PitchUp! was unveiled last month as a sister scheme to StartUp High Street – an initiative offering empty retail space to UK start-ups at low cost – and has now opened for applications. Shortlisted applicants will be given individual feedback on their online application, including advice on their product, as well as their pitching technique. Those successfully selected by John Lewis will be offered unique access to a panel of their key buyers at a private event on 23 October. Unveiling the scheme last month, StartUp Britain co-founder Emma Jones said: “We're seeing record numbers of people setting up businesses, and this new wave of entrepreneurs are starting out small and online. “This initiative offers them a chance to test out new markets, as well as get their products in front of big names like John Lewis.” To apply for the scheme, visit the PitchUp! page on StartUp Britain's website

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