Facebook offers up new tools for small businesses

Social media giant has added three solutions to help business owners grow internationally with tools to find customers in new countries

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Facebook has made it easier for small businesses to reach customers in different countries with the launch of three new tools specifically designed to help small firms “grow by connecting them with people around the world”.

Designed to help businesses large and small, the social media networking service has announced the following new solutions:

  1. Helping businesses find new customers in new countries: Using Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences Tool, you can now upload a list of existing customers or high-potential leads and the tool will help you reach customers in new countries who are similar to your existing customers/leads.
  2. Finding new countries to grow your business: You can now use Facebook to target people worldwide or in a specific region, the site will deliver ads to selected regions and then optimise delivery to countries with the greatest return.
  3. Resources to optimise campaigns: Facebook is launching new webinars and a handbook on international marketing techniques to help you improve your global campaign  strategy.

In a blog post on the updates, Facebook commented:

“On mobile, and on Facebook, people engage with the things that matter to them, even in other countries. More than one billion people on Facebook are connected to at least one business in a foreign country , and 1.57 billion people visit Facebook monthly on mobile

“We want to help all businesses grow internationally. […] We are introducing new resources and solutions to help them expand across the globe, from wherever they are.”

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