FPB applauds government decision to boost tech talent in schools

Statement comes as research reveals growing demand for IT in workplace

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The Forum of Private Business (FPB) has applauded the government’s decision to invigorate the way IT is taught in British schools, as announced by the education secretary this week.

The move – which it is hoped will increase pupil engagement and foster young tech talent – was celebrated by the FPB, which claims this has been long demanded by its small business members.

The Forum’s chief executive Phil Orford said: “A targeted approach to what secondary school pupils learn in the classroom with an eye on the types of skills employers require is exactly what we need to see more of. Our own research has shown that there is a gap between what businesses need and what businesses get when it comes to education standards.”

The new plans came as the latest figures from Freelancer.co.uk revealed significant growth in the demand for tech talent. According to quarterly statistics, detailing the jobs posted on the website, one of the greatest increases in demand was for freelance C++ programmers (up 38%).

Other significant rises included demand for freelance programmers with skills in Java (up 36%), Android (up 33%) and Facebook (up 29%).

Orford added: “The future is digital, therefore there’s a clear requirement for more workers who are already skilled in this area, and who will want to take their studies in this subject further.

“Small businesses are desperate for employees with the right skills, and this seems a significant step in the right direction from government to achieving that aim by helping improve the calibre of school leavers in a key area.

“If the private sector is to drive and grow the economy in the future, we need well-educated innovators and entrepreneurs who can deliver in key growth areas such as IT.”


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