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Free intellectual property advice for small firms

CIPA offering free consulation sessions with patent attorneys

Small businesses are being offered the opportunity to receive free patent advice following the launch of the government's new innovation support strategy.

The Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) has now pledged to support the initiative by offering free initial advice to any small firm interested in applying.

“Intellectual property (IP) is fast becoming a cornerstone of the country's economic activity,” said Matt Dixon, spokesperson for the CIPA.

“But its high potential value can often be overlooked by entrepreneurs who have many other issues to worry about.

“The DTI's new innovation support strategy, which was proposed in the Gowers review of IP, will help create an improved understanding of the value of IP and the benefits of protecting it.

“There is also a misconception that getting IP protection – such as patents – is expensive. In reality, it's failure to protect your IP that can cost you dearly.”

Under the government's new initiative 40 small firms are taking part in a pilot ‘IP audit' in conjunction with Regional Development Agencies.

Anyone interested in the CIPA's free consultations with a patent attorney should visit or call 020 7405 9450 for details of a patent attorney in their area.

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