January is the month to start a business

Time to pursue your business idea? Brits are 10% more likely to start up in January with 10,000 new business websites to be launched this week...

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Are you looking to start a business this month?

You’re in good company, according to new research which suggests Britons are up to 10% more likely to start a business in January than at any other time of the year.

New data from 123Reg shows a spike in the number of new UK business websites registered in January each year; growing at 20% annually.

Based on this growth rate, the domain registrar predicts that approximately 10,000 new business websites will launch this week – the highest number on record.

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Nick Leech, 123Reg digital director, commented:

“Every year we see excitement about starting new businesses in January. […] We know that many [of our customers] use the holiday break from corporate life to think of exciting new business ideas and fulfil their dreams of starting out on their own.

“This is especially true at times of economic uncertainty when people start new businesses either as a side project in case of a downturn at work or as a necessity to cover gaps in employment. For example after the 2008 downturn – the UK saw more than 40,000 more domains registered by British entrepreneurs during January 2009 than January 2005”.

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