Largest student entrepreneur event in Europe opens in Liverpool

80,000 university students currently run businesses according to new research by Santander

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More than 800 college and university students are expected to descend upon Liverpool, this weekend for the sixth Student Enterprise Conference 2015, supported for the second year running by Santander after last year’s event at Sheffield Hallam University.

The event, hosted by the National Association of College & University Entrepreneurs (NACUE), will bring together enterprising students and innovative entrepreneurs from across the UK for a weekend of practical workshops and networking.

With Liverpool one of the top UK cities to start a business in, it’s intended that the conference will foster the next generation of young entrepreneurs through the sharing of knowledge and ideas, ensuring their significant contribution to the UK economy continues.

It comes as new research by Santander revealed 80,000 UK students currently run businesses, with a quarter hoping that these businesses will develop into a career after they graduate.

NACUE chief executive, Johnny Luk, commented: “We work with thousands of students every year and they increasingly want to create something that leaves a mark.

“We’re giving young people the opportunity to engage with not only experienced entrepreneurs and business experts, but some of the most exciting, and successful companies of today.”

Director of Santander Universities UK, Simon Bray said: “It’s so important to support and encourage entrepreneurship, especially amongst young people.

“Student entrepreneurs are key to the growth and prosperity of our economy and many of them will innovate, define and lead our future.”

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