LinkedIn game helps entrepreneurs risk-assess their business

Snakes and ladders’ style game calculates insurance needs

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An innovative new game to help entrepreneurs risk-assess their business ventures has been launched via LinkedIn.

The ‘snakes and ladders’-style game was devised by AXA Business Insurance after its research suggested that many new business owners start up without properly assessing the risks they may face – or taking steps to safeguard their start-up.

The new online game can be played using LinkedIn login details, and helps players assess their insurance needs with a series of true or false questions. Players can compare their scores with their LinkedIn contacts, to aid discussions and advice sharing on the topic.

Amanda Blanc, CEO of AXA Commercial Lines, said: “New businesses are the backbone of our economy and will help drive us forward.

“They need to be as prepared for the risks they may face as they grow, by taking out protection.”

Regarding the specific target audience, Blanc added: “This online game is designed to encourage small businesses – particularly those just getting off the ground – to think about the risks and [how] to ensure their business climbs the ladder of opportunity, rather than falls down following unexpected disaster.

“It’s intended to be a fun way of getting a serious message across: without the right protection, a small business may not survive a pitfall.”

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