Fledgling drama school Youngstar announces UK franchise opportunities

Franchise offers weekly drama classes for those aged eight to 25 years-old and gives students the “chance to be on TV for real”

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Youngstar, a new drama training franchise, is on a nationwide hunt for franchisees having recently sold territories in Oxford and Bournemouth.

Established by husband and wife team Louisa and Bill Baxter, Youngstar offers affordable weekly evening TV and acting classes for those aged eight to 25 years old and claims to provide the same industry opportunities as major stage schools.

It claims to give students the “chance to be on TV for real” and has recently launched its own flagship broadcast TV drama Darton High featuring Birds of a Feather star Linda Robson which is said to be a modern version of Grange Hill.

With a flagship school in Southampton and its new regional territories, the Baxters are now keen to sign up more franchisees  with packages available for a fee of £8,000.

New franchisees will receives five days training with practical experience as well as access to PR and marketing materials and ongoing training.

To find out more about Youngstar’s franchise opportunities, click here.




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