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One in five Brits now shop with independent retailers

Consumers prefer to shop in-store at independent retailers rather than shopping online or at market stalls, myHermes study reports

One in five Britons shop with independent retailers more than they did a year ago, rising to 30% among those aged 18-24, according to research conducted by The Leadership Factor on behalf of myHermes.

Surveying 2,000 adults, the study found that 8% of consumers shop at independent retailers every day, 55% once a week or more frequently, and 85% at least once a month. 13% said they actively sought to shop in independents,k with Londoners most likely to shop with an independent small business (19%).

Shopping in-store with an independent retailer was the most popular shopping method, followed by e-commerce (33%) and shopping at market stalls (24%).

Proximity was cited as the factor that most encouraged people to shop at an independent retailer (48%), followed by recommendations from friends and family (40%), trusted payment options (33%), a well-functioning website (29%) and trusted delivery options (29%).

38% of those surveyed agreed that independent retailers offered better customer service, 23% felt that the products/services supplied by independent retailers were  better quality, and 22% said that the internet had made it easier to shop with independents.

Joanne Morley, head of marketing at myHermes, said:

“We’re encouraged by the results of this research that show not only do we shop with independent retailers more than we did a year ago, but many of us are actively looking to support independent retailers over the retail giants.

“This research helps independent business owners understand what they need to do to grow in an increasingly competitive marketplace and attract new customers – both online and offline.”

Henry Williams
Henry Williams

Henry has been writing for since 2015, covering everything from business finance and web builders to tax and red tape. He’s also contributed to many of our industry-renowned annual indexes, including Startups 100 and Young Guns, and created a number of the site’s popular how to guides. Before joining the team, he reviewed films for a culture website, and still harbours ambitions of being a screenwriter.


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