One in five consumers more likely to buy from a franchise

Support for franchisees growing as shoppers reveal they look for quality of service and value for money when choosing a franchise

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More than one in five (21.4%) British consumers have admitted that they are more likely to buy a product or service if it belongs to a franchise, according to research by Read Commercial.

The study of 1,000 shoppers revealed that over half (53.1%) of respondents visit franchises between one and five times in an average month, which means that more than a quarter (27.7%) are likely to visit franchises for their Christmas shopping.

Over half  of consumers (57.3%) claimed that quality of service is the most important factor they look for when choosing a franchise, followed by quality of service (53%), value (52.7%), and customer service (52.4%).

When asked what would encourage them to use a franchise again, 51.7% said getting a good deal, 43% cited customer service, and 40.7% were encouraged by loyalty cards.

The most popular franchises mentioned by respondents included Next, The Body Shop, Debenhams, House of Fraser and Boots.

The news indicates the growing demand for franchises and support for UK franchisees, you can find out how to start your own franchise business here.

Ben Sole, general manager at Reed Commercial, commented: “It doesn’t surprise me that British consumers prefer franchise businesses. The franchise model provides a high standard of service and is built around the customer.

“Franchise owners receive significant training and support to ensure that their customers receive a consistent product and great experience.”

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