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A former opticians franchisee has signed an exclusive agreement with Specslab.co.uk to operate the brand throughout the UK.

David Cregor, former Hertfordshire Dollond & Aitchison (D&A) franchisee, has signed the agreement with the owner of Specslab.com, which takes effect immediately.

Cregor’s strategy will match that of the original Specslab.com in that it will offer UK dispensing opticians and optometrists the opportunity to operate their own virtual eye care practice in a postcode designated area.

Basic start-up costs will total just £5,000 yet offer earning opportunities of up to £120,000 per annum.

Cregor said the venture has already generated significant interest from industry professionals.

“Having worked on the high street for the past 15 years in successful sales, marketing and retail capacities, I immediately saw the potential of the Specslab concept,” Cregor said.

“It gives young professionals an opportunity to own a practice and earn favourable returns. Having been an optical franchisee myself, I have firsthand experience of their operational needs, and I’m confident about building successful individual franchised businesses and growing Specslab.co.uk into a major outlet.”

Specslab.co.uk offers various franchise packages, including trailer-mounted mobile eye testing units, promotional vehicles and promotional trailers.

The company is targeting large corporate clients with on-site testing for staff and partnering with companies that have vertical marketing capabilities

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