Pizza Hut to invest £40m to roll-out delivery franchise across UK

American pizza chain expects to open 200 new takeaway outlets - including Express units - by 2020 and says it will create around 3,000 jobs

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Pizza Hut Delivery has announced major expansion for its franchise network in the UK and Ireland, with plans to invest £40m to open 200 new takeaway franchise outlets by 2020.

This £40m expansion, which could create an estimated 3,000 jobs, will also involve the opening of more Express stores – quick serve units that will offer ‘individual, smaller servings of pizza’.

The news is the latest franchise ‘ramp up’ for the pizza chain since 2012 when it pledged to create 100 new ‘Huts’ through the development of its franchise investment scheme.

Launched in the UK in 1988 but only started as a franchise in the UK in 2001, Pizza Hut Delivery now has almost 350 franchises across England, Scotland and Wales and has said it “is continuously growing”.

To become a franchisee for the chain, you need to have a minimum £80,000 and have some business experience. Pizza Hut has said that it looks for individuals with “entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for delivering good customer service”.

Pizza Hut UK & Ireland CEO, Raphel Miolane, commented: “We’ve built a firm foundation for the business since we opened our first delivery store over 15 years ago.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without our franchisees and we are looking forward to growing our existing relationships, whilst also developing new partnerships to achieve our ambitions.”

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