Postpartum care for staff boosts employee benefits package

A key employee benefit for modern companies, Postpartum Plan is an online membership that can boost wellbeing at a key life stage

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You may be accustomed to looking for maternity or paternity leave allowance as part of a company’s employee benefits package, but what about postpartum care?

Postpartum Plan is a holistic online membership for new parents, bringing together a team of postpartum experts including women’s health physio, a yoga and breath-work instructor, nutritionist, postpartum doula and more.

It was inspired by the founder’s traumatic first birth which left her with PTSD, diastasis recti, insomnia, postpartum anxiety and an overwhelming sense of inadequate support.

Postpartum Plan added to employee benefits

At a time when companies are increasingly recognising the importance of supporting employees through every life stage, many businesses are taking steps to enhance the wellbeing of their workforce – a smart move when looking to retain brilliant employees and hire excellent talent, too.

Hertility, a women’s health company (and Startups 100 2023 alumni), and Lansons, a communications and reputation management consultancy, are the latest businesses to add Postpartum Plan to their list of benefits

“We recognise how vital supporting working parents beyond the first year is,” says Amanda Celliers, senior HR manager at Lansons. “Postpartum Plan helps us to continue our support for working parents during their maternity/paternity leave.

“From nutritionist advice to Pilates classes, Postpartum Plan has given our working parents access to tailored resources and tools as they continue their journey through parenthood.”

UK practice lagging behind

The UK lags behind other countries in Europe when it comes to maternity, paternity and postpartum support. Statutory Maternity Pay, for example, is pitifully low – in the first six weeks, the worker gets 90% of their average weekly earnings and in the following 33 weeks, they get either £172.48 or 90% of their average weekly earnings (whichever is lower).

Statutory Paternity Leave (SPL) in the UK can be taken as either one week or two consecutive weeks, but neither amount is legally required.

While SPL is a relatively new concept, that doesn’t mean SMEs should overlook it – in addition to their maternity leave and postpartum care offerings. Such key benefits can help retain employees, which is even more important at present with the tough hiring environment.

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