Red Flag Alert welcomes first three franchisees

Business intelligence franchise experiences rapid growth with new branches in Manchester, Cheltenham and Basingstoke

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Red Flag Alert has announced its first three franchisees, expanding its reach to Cheltenham, Basingstoke and Manchester.

The data insight franchise, which recently gained British Franchise Association (bfa) membership, welcomed Phil Denman, Karl Quinn and Paul Maddison to its network.

Red Flag Alert enables smaller businesses to access extensive business data via an easy-to-us platform. Access to such information assists small and medium businesses with targeted marketing, business planning and risk assessment.

The three new franchisees come from diverse backgrounds; Maddison in banking, Quinn in criminal investigation and Denman in accounting and risk management, and all aspire to combine their expertise with Red Flag Alerts services to empower businesses in their area.

Manchester’s Karl Quinn emphasised his hopes for supporting small businesses in his launch announcement:

“I’ve spent my career surrounded by, analysing and then utilising data. The beauty of the Red Flag Alert platform is that it’s so easy to use, anyone can retrieve key information that can be acted upon immediately.

“I’m passionate about being part of the local business community and I’m excited to be able to offer what for many will be a life-line for trade and growth.”


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