UK businesses don’t care what celebrities think about Brexit

Less than 1% of small enterprise owners say politicians or personalities will be the biggest influence on how they vote in the EU referendum

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Small business owners aren’t interested in politicians or personalities coming out in support of the Stonger In or Vote Leave campaigns for the upcoming EU referendum, a report by Sage has revealed.

The survey of UK small enterprise owners revealed that 56% will base their decision on facts while a surprising number (17%) said they will place their vote based on gut instinct alone, while less than 1% said the views of celebrities and politicians will influence their decision.

The research highlighted a clear desire from business owners and entrepreneurs to have as much information as possible to inform their vote yet 48% of small business owners revealed that they still do not feel well enough informed to make a decision in the referendum.

Earlier this month, revealed its survey of nearly 1,500 readers and found that 55% of the country’s start-ups intend to vote for the UK to stay in the EU.

Brendan Flattery, president of Sage Europe, said:

“Barely a day goes by that there’s not another surreal, sensationalist claim in the media: from claims of a world economic slowdown if we leave, to Britain becoming a ‘hostage’ to the EU if we stay, a potential European war, or to Europe being on the same ‘doomed’ path as Hitler.

“As this survey demonstrates, small and medium businesses, which make up more than two-thirds of new jobs and generate more than €3.7 trillion across Europe – are hungry for the real facts. We need a balanced argument on both sides rather than continuing on with ridiculous assertions from big personalities.”

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