Southern Fried Chicken’s new sister franchise launches in the UK

Global FFS Brand has introduced quick service chicken chain AJ’s Piri Piri to the UK with low-cost franchise opportunities for existing and aspiring restaurant owners

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FFS Brand, whose flagship chain is the internationally recognised Southern Fried Chicken, has announced the launch of its new franchise Aj’s Piri Piri with opportunities available for existing and new takeaway business owners.

The franchise, which will focus on bright, bold graphics and a menu of spicy chicken dishes similar to the popular Nandos, is open to existing takeaway businesses with investment costs starting at £5,000 and for new franchisees start-up costs begin at £30,000.

The FFS Brand has said it has introduced its new AJ’s Piri Piri franchise model to the UK on the back of the success of its mini menus in Southern Fried Chicken outlets.

It also claims that launch follows growing demand from fast food operators looking to join the group but at a low fee, coupled with growing UK marketplace for health-conscious fast food establishments.

President of the FFS Brands Group, Chris Gibson, discussed the benefits of joining AJ’s Piri Piri:

“The new offering comes with the option to use existing equipment to complement the core equipment that is really needed to deliver the quality food AJ’s Piri Piri offer their customers.

“With fixed ongoing franchise fees instead of percentage royalties, franchisees will not be penalised by their success either. In fact, the model is geared for rapid return on investment and sustainable, long-term profitability.”

For more information on joining the new franchise, check out the company’s website here.

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