Start-up your life: Baby Spice Emma Bunton launches nappy and skincare brand

Kit & Kin offers a range of “premium performance bio-degradable nappies and certified natural skincare” for mothers and babies

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Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton has launched her own business, an eco-friendly nappy and skincare brand for babies, called Kit & Kin.

The ‘Mama’ signer, alongside co-founder Christopher Money, has released a line of premium bio-degradable nappies which claim to “provide maximum comfort, dryness and security for up to 12 hours.”

Dermatologically tested, Kit & Kin also claim to use much less material than standard household brands and have also released a selection of “free from” skincare products – such as shampoos, stretch mark oil and breast balm.

Available online, for every 10 subscriptions the start-up promises to purchase and protect one acre of the rainforest via the World Land Trust.

Buton’s first foray into business now means she joins a group of over five million people currently running their own business in the UK – further signifying that entrepreneurship has gone mainstream.

On starting a business, Bunton said:

“My son has always suffered with eczema and for so many years we struggled to find products that weren’t full of chemicals that would further irritate his skin.

“As a mother, my children are my number one priority and I do everything I can to ensure they’re always safe, healthy and happy. At Kit & Kin, we want to take away the stress and worry parents often experience when trying to choose the best products for their family.

“That’s why we’ve developed an amazing range you can trust to care and protect for your family as they grow.”

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