Startups Awards winner ClearScore ranked among UK’s ‘best workplaces’

Financial services company among small businesses recognised in <em>Britain's 2017 Best Workplaces</em> report, intended to inspire employers "to take action"

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A new report has been published which claims to identify employers leading the way in establishing trust and positive company cultures, and features a Startups Awards 2016 winner among its top ranking.

ClearScore, the fast-growth financial services and insurance company which won VC-funded Business of the Year at the Startups Awards, was recognised in the report into Britain’s 2017 Best Workplaces™ for the success of its “principles and operating system”.

Ranking 120 of the UK’s “best workplaces”, with organisations evaluated on size in either large, medium or small categories, the report determined successful organisations on the basis of how their HR and management policies create conditions that drive engagement and on the degree to which company employees trust employers.

The ranking was also influenced by an employee survey which provided data on key HR and management practice areas.

ClearScore took 20th spot in the index of small employers (20 to 49 staff), while financial comparison website – profiled here – was awarded seventh place for “being small but packing a big punch”.

So what makes a great workplace?

According to the report, the ‘best workplaces’ demonstrate the following:

  • A culture of trust, with employees trusting senior management and line managers and sharing in the view that management delivers on promises …
  • And high trust among colleagues – 89% of employees in Best Workplaces trust their peers and teammates
  • High staff retention levels with the majority of employees stating their intention to stay int heir current role and agreeing that they would recommend their employer to others.

Tom O’Byrne, CEO of Great Place to Work®, which compiled the report,  commented: “The data and insights drawn from this year’s’ Best Workplaces™ award winners shows that there is a growing recognition that everybody deserves to work in an organisation in which they can feel pride in what they do, trust their leads and enjoy spending time with their colleagues.

“This leads to better performance, improved productivity and customer satisfaction and, ultimately, better financial performance.”

“British businesses are showcasing best practice when it comes to putting employees at the heart of their organisations and creating workplaces with strong cultures of trust and engagement.”


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