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Stockton-based sign-maker speaks to Startups after being slayed on Dragons’ Den

Pearson tells us he “felt like a plonker” during filming of last night’s episode

After his rough treatment on Dragons' Den, Teeside sign-maker Alun Pearson has told Startups he “wouldn't have gone on” if he'd known how gruelling the experience would be.

The Stockton-based entrepreneur – who was attacked by all the Dragons for his financial acumen and presentation skills during last night's episode – says that entering the Den “went against my better instincts.

“I went on to promote my products, I was never selling my business to them. I told Peter Jones my business was included (in the package), which was a mistake.”

However Pearson was quick to defend his pitching ability, saying: “It's not got a lot to do with the pitch, it's to do with the edit. It's an entertainment show.”

The show was filmed three months ago, and Pearson says “I washed my hands of it back in May – I didn't even watch it last night.

“It was all crap. I felt like a plonker. I had good products, and I've got a successful business.”

Pearson's company, N-Sign, turns over more than £1m a year and offers a range of products in the signage and engraving space. For more information on the company and its products, please click here.

Aimee Bradshaw
Aimee Bradshaw

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Aimee recently joined Startups as resident expert in business tech, products, and services. Having ran her own egg delivery business from the age of 12, she is an advocate of self starters and small businesses.


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